The First Time I Took An Emergency Contraceptive Pill...

The First Time I Took An Emergency Contraceptive Pill...
I’ve always been a very private person. With limited friends and my family, I used to stay happy in my own little world. I’ve had boyfriends before but never a serious one, maybe because we were too young to commit or because I never really loved any of them.

While I really wanted to explore my sexuality, I never thought much about casual flings and hook ups. I was sure about the fact that I wanted to lose my virginity only to the man I’d fall in love with and who would feel the same way about me.

Then I met the love of my life when I least expected to get in a relationship. Just after a week of knowing him, I knew he was the one. We started dating in mid November and being with him made me realize what I was missing out on all this while. It felt like the most perfect relationship ever. I had always been more of a mess, so maybe it was his simplicity that swept me off my feet.

Internal emergency contraceptive

Fast forward to February 23rd - we were lying on his bed, naked. He said a few sweet things, and I knew I wanted to do it with him and so did he. We both were virgins, so we wanted to make it through all our inhibitions, fears and insecurities together. Without saying a word, we smoothly proceeded into a sweet but intense lovemaking session.

We loved having sex with each we started making love quite often. Then, on one random day, after a tiring day at college, we were both in the mood and went into action. Half way through the deed, we felt like there was something wrong. He pulled out to check the condom but everything seemed fine, so we continued and stopped only after reaching mind blowing orgasms.

The pleasure didn’t last long as we realized that the condom actually might have been damaged. Since both of us were really new at it, we totally freaked out. We were not really sure if the condom had actually torn or if it was a false alarm... There was just no way to be sure at that point either so we had to take some action. That's when we decided to try emergency contraceptive pills.

So as soon as we got up the next morning, he got me one from the medical store. I popped it immediately and we sat down and researched on ways to handle the situation. We were worried that what if I still got pregnant, by any chance?! This entire research analysis continued for another 10 days...after which I finally got my period.

Trust me guys, never had getting my period given me so much happiness. We finally felt relieved and celebrated with a glass of wine at night.

Now, one year later, we still laugh over that crazy situation. We have progressed a lot, from different positions to places, we have tried it all together. But there’s one thing that remains constant now - we make sure we do everything just right with the condom!

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