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10 Simple Tips To Avoid Sweat Patches On Your Shaadi Blouse!

10 Simple Tips To Avoid Sweat Patches On Your Shaadi Blouse!

Dealing with underarm sweat patches on the day of the wedding is a bride’s biggest nightmare! It’s not just annoying, but can also ruin her pretty blouse. If you think that’s going to happen to you too, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 ways to prevent sweat stains when wearing a blouse.

1. Cotton Wipes To The Rescue!

Wet or dry wipes, both do an amazing job at absorbing and wiping off sweat from your underarms. You can use the wipes every couple of hours during the function. It helps keep your underarms fresh and it reduces the chances of staining your blouse too.

2. Have You Tried Antiperspirants Yet?

2 prevent sweat stains If you sweat a lot and are worried about staining your blouse on your big day, you might want to replace your favourite perfume with an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants are pretty amazing because they keep your underarms dry and clean as they temporarily block your sweat glands. Make sure you don’t keep it on for too long though, as you could get a rash. One of our favourites is this baby from Dove.

3. Shave Or Wax For Clean Underarms

Keep them smooth and hair-free by shaving or waxing. Hair not only absorbs the sweat but also stains clothes. Keep the area well groomed and you won’t have to deal with sweat patches on your big day. Plus, it prevents body odour too!

4. Use Panty Liners As Sweat Pads

4 prevent sweat stains Don’t have sweat pads with you? Don’t sweat! Just carry a couple of panty liners and stick them on the underarm area of your blouse. The panty liners help to absorb the sweat and depending on the thickness of the material of your blouse, the pads won’t be visible too!

5. Stay Cool, Keep Cool

Make sure that most of the time, you remain indoor and not outdoors. Staying indoor with the air conditioner on will keep the lovely bride like yourself cool and calm. After all, the bride isn’t supposed to run around on her wedding day. So dear bride, just lay back and relax.

6. Have A Nice Long Shower

6 prevent sweat stains This may seem a bit obvious, but it’s the best way to go about it. Bathe as often as you can. It helps cleanse your skin of bacteria and sweat. You know what’s even better? It will wash perfume and antiperspirant residue from your body as well. We bet you’ll smell like a flower all day!

7. Choose The Unlined Bra Always!

If not unlined bras, silicone cups or tube bras should do the trick too. Bras with thick padding tend to absorb sweat, they can stain your blouse and leave a rash if it stays in contact with your body for too long. Unlined bras will allow your skin to breath and you’ll feel cool inside too!

8. Wear A Crop Camisole

8 prevent sweat stains While you’re wearing your blouse, wear a camisole as an inner. It will absorb sweat and prevent your blouse from getting stained. Try getting this one from Jockey and it will work like a charm on your wedding day.

9. Baby Powder Is The Best

It may not be as effective as an antiperspirant, but it helps mask odour and absorb sweat. It’s gentler on the skin and keeps your skin feeling cool and soft. Apply it to your underarms just before you step out for your big function and you’ll be sorted.

10. Change Your Diet

10 prevent sweat stains A month before the wedding, opt for a cleaner and greener diet. Onions, red meat, garlic and fish are a definite no-no! Leafy veggies and fruits that contain high water content are better options. They will not only help your skin glow, but will also keep your body cool and hydrated. Internal images: Shutterstock
Published on Nov 14, 2016
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