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The First Time We Made Out... While His Parents Were At Home!

The First Time We Made Out... While His Parents Were At Home!

Ravi was my first love, my first boyfriend. I was 18 years old when I first met him at a Diwali party. Our families knew each other well enough and he stayed in the same society as me. Yes, he was kind of like the guy next door… We started doing everything together. Going to the same tuitions, playing with our friends in the building and hanging around all day after we got done with college. We were buddies for the longest time, until, one day, he confessed that he liked me. Truth be told, I liked him a lot too. He made me feel alive whenever I was around him. Without a second thought, I said I’d go out with him.
Our relationship was a secret to the world, though. Forget our families, even our friends didn’t know we were dating! We liked and wanted to keep it that way. One Friday, he called me over to his place to help him with his studies. It wasn’t the first time that I had been to his place. He was my study partner too. No fooling around though, just books and more books. However, that day, things didn't go down as they usually did. While I was in his room teaching him how to crack a maths problem, his mom came in and placed two hot cups of chai with biscuits near the side table. She smiled at us, kept the tray in the kitchen and went to her room, closing the door. Internal made out when his parents were home Ravi, on hearing the door close, touched my lips while I was still talking and pulled my face closer to his. Before I knew it, he was kissing my lips and his hands were on my waist. I was so shy that I pulled away. He told me that his mom usually takes her afternoon nap around this time and there was nothing to worry about. His dad was already sleeping too... Ravi gently held me by the waist and pressed my body against the wall next to his room door. He started kissing me all over my neck and soon it went from my lips to my neck and then from my shoulders and to my cleavage... The thought of making out in spite of the risk of getting caught and seen was exciting by itself! It felt so wrong, yet so good... I couldn’t keep my hands to myself and neither could he - for a good five minutes, at least.
All of a sudden, we heard his parent’s door open! We immediately got off each other, and ran to the desk. After 10 minutes, his mom knocked at his door, asking if we wanted to grab a snack. She came in, spoke to us and then left us to study. We still don't know why that was the one day she skipped her afternoon nap. When the clock struck 8 pm, I picked up my books and left his place after saying bye to his parents. He took me out for lassi and walked me home after that. The best part was that no one got to know what happened between us that day! It is by the far the most fondest, spontaneous and hottest memory I have of us! It still gives me the chills whenever I think that we made out when his parents were home... *Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock
Published on Nov 13, 2016
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