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11 AWESOME Reasons To Date A Guy You’ve Known Forever!

11 AWESOME Reasons To Date A Guy You’ve Known Forever!

How would dating someone feel like, if from the very first date there was no awkwardness, no small talk and no jitters about having to look picture perfect? Awesome is the word you are looking for! And that’s exactly what dating a guy you have known forever feels like! Here are a few more reasons in support of our claim!

1. No ‘what do I talk about’ jitters or awkward small talk!

You have plenty to talk about and there is absolutely no room for awkward silences! 1 dating a guy you have known forever

2. You already know each other’s quirks!

Your secrets, your embarrassing moments, your insecurities, your crazy and weird antics...He knows it all and he's cool with it.

3. You can get him the perfect gift!

Because you know what he likes or needs or is planning to buy! And yes, pizza is a totally acceptable gift too! 3 dating a guy you have known forever

4. You don’t need to resort to sly prodding and prying for information about his past relationships!

You already know all the stories (and some of them by heart). So you don’t have to tip-toe around the topic of his exes or be awkward about it.

5. You probably have already seen him at his worst

And yet, here you are, dating each other and not running for the hills. That’s saying something, isn’t it? 5 dating a guy you have known forever

6. You can tell his mood by the look on his face!

The I-had-a-bad-day sad and mopey look, the my-boss-drove-me-crazy AF look and also the I-am-super-pissed-dunno-why look. And guess what? You already know how to handle all of these!

7. You are super comfy with each other...and pyjama dates are totally a thing!

You don’t have a first awkward hug and going out for a movie with him is not going to make you nervously change 27 dresses before you decide on one! It’s comfy, it’s chilled out and it’s familiar! 7 dating a guy you have known forever

8. Your dates will be much more fun because you're so not sticking to conventional dating rules!

You can totally skip going to a super classy, super expensive restaurant when you're broke. A date at the thela of the chole kulche waale bhaiya is totally cool too!

9. You don’t need to do OTT stuff to ‘impress’ each other!

Just not required. You know each other too well to pull that kind of a trick! 9 dating a guy you have known forever

10. You both know this one’s not just about finding someone to have sex with…

And that you both really want this to work out, and are in it for the long haul.

11. There is already a little love in the air…

You already love each other as friends, and that’s just awesome!
11 dating a guy you have known forever GIFs: Tumblr
Published on Nov 20, 2016
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