10 Bra Habits You Need To Break Up With… NOW!

10 Bra Habits You Need To Break Up With… NOW!
Ladies, since we wear our bras every single day, it’s only natural that we develop certain bra habits and behaviours. But not all of these are necessarily good. Here are a few bad bra habits every girl should definitely break up with. How many of these bra mistakes are you guilty of?

1. Wearing The Same Kind Of Bra With Any And Every Outfit

1 bad bra habits

Nope, to ensure your boobs look their best (and get the most in terms of support), it’s important to try different bra styles with different outfits. A t-shirt bra may look great with a shirt, while some dresses can look amazing with a balconette bra, which can make your boobs look perkier.

Break The Habit: With so many styles available, be sure to build your bra wardrobe so you can always pair your outfits with the best bra for it. By owning a few different styles, you can help ensure your girls look their best in whatever you wear.

2. Assuming People Can’t See Those Clear Straps

Those plastic, sheer straps may have had their brief shining moment sometime ago, but it’s about time we left them there - in the past! It’s not like they’re invisible and no one else can see them, so what is the point of them?

Break The Habit: Trash those clear straps! Instead, invest in a strapless bra, a multiway bra where you can adjust the straps to suit the style of your top/ dress, or even a low back bra to wear with outfits with a deep back.

3. Thinking Minimizer Bras Are Frumpy

3. bad bra habits

For all you well-endowed girls, minimizers are a blessing! They help keep your boobs in check by providing tighter support and give them a sleeker shape, especially under clingy fabrics. But a lot of women refrain from buying them as they feel it’s something only grannies wear.

Break The Habit: While there are some frumpy options out there, attractive minimizers do exist too! We love this lace one as well as this baby pink option.

4. Not Wearing A Wire ‘Coz You’re Small-Chested

So you’re an A-cup and you don’t need the extra support, but underwires are great for giving you a slight-push effect and adding a nice shape!

Break The Habit: A wired, sexy demi cup like this one will definitely help you feel helluva lot sexy and more confident.

5. Trying To Turn Your Bra Racerback-Friendly With Safety Pins

5. bad bra habits

Enough with the DIY efforts! While they’re great for a fashion emergency, do you really have the time, energy and patience to pin your straps together at the back every time you want to wear a racerback top or one with shoulder cutouts?

Break The Habit: There are so many pretty options out there for pretty racerbacks bras, ranging from flirty lace styles to pretty colours. It’s time to invest in these, girls. They’re super useful, we promise. We love this Watch Your Back bra as well as this super pretty lace back bra!

6. Wearing The Same Bra Two Days In A Row!

Guilty as charged? There are so many of us who do this! Whether it’s because you only wore a certain bra for an hour or two so you think you can wear it again the next day, or simply because you want to wear your fave bra once more before putting it for a wash.

Break The Habit: It’s important to let a bra rest for a day in between wears to allow the elastic to regain its strength. Wearing it two days in a row is like putting too much strain on it, causing too much wear and tear on the elastic. In order to keep it as supportive as possible, avoid wearing the same bra for consecutive days, girls.

7. A Fear Of Prints Clashing With Your Clothes

7 bad bra habits

Does your daily bra wardrobe consist of solid colours, mainly light shades like white and nude? Why not stir things up with pretty florals and flirty prints?

Break The Habit: Unless you’re wearing gauzy fabrics, no one will see the bold patterns and colours you have on underneath. A pretty bra can seriously help you feel fabulous, even if you’re the only one who gets to see it. Trust us, it can do wonders for your confidence. 

8. You’re Wired All The Time!

Not only is it uncomfy to wear underwired bras all day every day (that’s why you feel so good when you take them off at the end of the day), but they can also restrict the movement of breast tissue in the long run.

Break The Habit: It’s a good idea to look for supportive but less rigid options to wear in rotation with your wired bra. This cotton wireless t-shirt bra will provide plenty of support and comfort.

9. Not Investing In Quality Pieces

9 bad bra habits

You may think it’s ridiculous to spend anywhere between 800 to 3,000 bucks on a single bra at a department store when you can get them for Rs 200 at your local shop... But remember that higher quality lingerie will last you for much, much longer, and they’ll also hold their shape and elasticity better over time.

Break The Habit: By spending a bit extra for better quality, you’re getting more out of your money’s worth in terms of support, fashion and longevity. After all, don’t your breasts deserve the best?!

10. Not Matching With Your Panties

Many of us don’t bother coordinating our bras and panties unless we plan on showing them to a certain lucky someone. Well, start doing it for yourself rather than for someone else.

Break The Habit: There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of feeling well put together from head to toe. Matching your bra and panties - even if it’s in a simple neutral colour - can help you feel confident and like a total #GirlBoss!

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