10 Unexpected Things No One Tells You About Your Honeymoon!

10 Unexpected Things No One Tells You About Your Honeymoon!
Your honeymoon is the dream vacation you and your main man have been eagerly waiting for.  Ever since your wedding date got fixed, you both cannot stop discussing where you want to go and what all you want to do there. You both probably asked your friends and family for their inputs and planning tips but there are always some things no one tells you about the honeymoon. Thus, we have compiled a list of things that might happen during your honeymoon or honeymoon planning and no one told you about any of these.

1. Honeymoon planning fights

You want to go to a destination where you can shop while he wants to go to a beachside resort and relax! This situation can lead to major clashes between you and your fiancé. But let us tell you, these arguments are normal and natural. Try reaching a middle ground where you both get what you want.

1 things no one tells you about the honeymoon

2. You will take time to open up to each other

If it is an arranged marriage setup that you’re in, it is natural for you to take time to open up to your partner. It is going to be the first time you are traveling with him and staying with him, after all. This is the time you both will start getting to know each other and get familiarized with each other’s habits. This could be a tad bit awkward in the beginning. Be prepared, ladies.

3. Mishaps might happen

Be prepared for unexpected and unwelcome events to take place during your honeymoon. The hotel might not be as good as it seemed in the pictures, your connecting flights might get missed or your luggage may get left behind. It is okay if these things happen - they happen with the best of us. Take it with a pinch of salt - you’ll probably have some fun memories and stories to tell after these incidents.

3 things no one tells you about the honeymoon

4. You might not feel relaxed in the first few days

Yes, honeymoon is a time which is meant for both of you to relax and unwind post all the wedding madness. But the travel, post wedding settling in and all the packing and unpacking will exhaust you, and thus, it might take some time for both of you to get over the exhaustion. Go with the flow and be kind to yourself by pushing the adventurous scuba diving or day trips for a later date during your honeymoon.

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5. The trip will bring you both so much closer

Any vacation in which a couple shares experiences and makes memories brings them closer and helps them bond with each other. But there is something more special about the honeymoon. The moment you both travel as “Mr and Mrs”, it brings out a different feeling in both of you. There will be a different level of excitement and thrill celebrating your first few days as husband and wife.

5 things no one tells you about the honeymoon

6. You might fall sick

All the exertion post the wedding plus the travel could make you feel a little unwell. Keep in mind to carry clothes apt for the weather at your honeymoon destination and your first aid kit with you. Although most hotels have a first aid kit, it is always advisable to be prepared for any uncalled situation.

7. You both won’t want to come back

It is your dream vacation and there is no way you would want this to end and get back to reality. As the days to get back home come closer, you both might start getting upset as you both wouldn’t want to get back to routine life after all the fun and celebrations. The best way out of this is to start planning your next holiday together! *wink*

7 things no one tells you about the honeymoon

8. You both can still have fights

Yes, you both will be lovestruck but that does not mean that you won’t fight. It could even be something as small as an argument after a tiring day. Don’t stress too much about these arguments as they will eventually help you understand each other better.

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9. You won’t miss home too much

It is normal for every bride to miss her parents and her home once she is married. But the honeymoon is one time when you will not miss everyone back home. You both will be so happy to be with each other since this is the vacation you had been looking forward to with the love of your life!

9 things no one tells you about the honeymoon

10. It’s the time to create the BEST memories

You will always go back and say, “When we were on our honeymoon...” and quote memories. This is one holiday which will be extremely special to both of you and no holiday will be the same as this one. The fact that you both are married and are on your honeymoon is a feeling you will treasure, always.

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