10 Sex Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making!

10 Sex Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making!
Hello, all you sexy ladies! You know as well as we do that there are a lot of things you do right in life. However, when it comes to having some sexy time with your S.O., there are a few teeny-tiny mistakes you could be making without even realizing! Yup, that’s right! Don’t worry, we’re here to help, like we always do. Check out these 10 common sex mistakes that could be putting a slight damper on your time together with him!

1. Not making eye contact

While you might be feeling shy, and that’s probably the reason you are hesitant about making eye contact, or maybe you simply forget about it in the heat of the moment...this is something that really builds up the sexual tension. Believe it or not, your emotions are reflected in your eyes and it’s only fair that your partner can see them too!

2. Skipping the foreplay

There are a lot of times we just get straight to the action, but if you have been doing that often and still feel as though something is off, it’s probably the missing foreplay. For every woman, it’s important to get in the mood...and nothing gets us in the mood more than the little things - all those sexy moves before you jump into bed is what truly does the trick!

2 sex mistakes

3. Not telling him what you want

You probably don’t want to complicate things or hurt his feelings by criticizing him. But look at it this way: if he doesn’t know what he is doing wrong when it comes to your pleasure, how can he begin to make it better? It’s okay to offer him some carefully phrased feedback in bed...after all, you are both growing together, right? And if he can’t understand this then, well, methinks you can do much better, sistah!

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4. Receiving but not giving oral

When it comes to oral sex, things are a little complicated. It’s easy getting it, but giving it is a whole different ball game (pun not intended!) Remember, though, that oral sex - much like everything else in a relationship - is a two-way street. If you can’t offer, then don’t ask!

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5. Not flirting enough

There is no need to think of sex as a chore that needs to be done. It should be something both of you enjoy and it should involve tons of flirting! Before it, during it, after it - anytime and every chance you get - FLIRT!

6 sex mistakes

6. Sticking to just the lips

A lot of us just stick to the lips while kissing or making out and completely ignore all the erogenous zones on our and our partner’s body! Explore, my friends, try new things - discover all that’s hidden. Not just about him but also about yourself! (For some quick info, read this!)

7. Opening condom packs with your teeth

We’ve seen this happen in movies, where the couple tears off the condom pack with their strong teeth because they just can’t wait! Well, we think it might just be better to wait a little! Opening a condom pack with your teeth can actually rip the contents of the package...and if anything happens to that tiny little saviour, then you know where that leads to, don’t you?

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8. Expecting an easy orgasm

Let’s just accept it - it’s difficult for women to have an orgasm, while men find it rather easy. This is a case for most women, so don’t pressure yourself if your partner has an easy orgasm but you can’t. The fun doesn’t need to end there, right? We’re not easy and we should like it that way! *Wink*

8 sex mistakes

9. Faking orgasms

The easy solution to not having easy orgasms is to fake them...but faking orgasms is a huge sex mistake you end up making. We’ve heard about them, read about them or seen this happening in so many movies and TV shows that we actually start to think it’s okay to fake an orgasm. But lying to yourself and your partner - where does that lead you? If you couldn’t reach climax, then it’s absolutely fine and you can give it another shot. No need to force yourself into anything!

10. Ignoring the afterplay

As important as the foreplay, the afterplay is what happens after sex. Both you and your partner need to be a little more patient after sex, you can’t just run away from each other right that moment - that is definitely not a good thing! Cuddle up, kiss a little more, talk, laugh…build your intimacy in areas other than sex as well!

10 sex mistakes

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