Sunday Shorts: 3 Dreamy Tales About Desire That Turned Into Love

Sunday Shorts: 3 Dreamy Tales About Desire That Turned Into Love

1. The Pact 

As I sat on his lap facing him, he slid the strap off my shoulders, all the while kissing my neck. His urgent desire fueling my carnal urges.

Our friends had gone to the after party and we had decided to take our party to the bedroom. "Sex...not love. Just a one night stand," I had told him, as we took our last shot together.

Now we didn't feel like strangers anymore. My desires guided his hands, his lips...his tongue. We were in a parallel world.

The next morning I woke up and found the bed empty. Of course, I had insisted on the "One night stand" bit. And then I saw the note he had left on the mirror, "Gone to get eggs. Be back soon."

I guess he broke the pact, and I couldn't have been happier.

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2. Three Forbidden Words...

Everyone knows why they’re there on Tinder, at the end of the day. Although, we agreed on a "no strings attached" kind of a relationship, destiny had another plan up its sleeve.  

Every weekend, I'd call him over, we would order pizza and then head to my bedroom after to get dirty between the sheets. No expectations, no commitment, no demands. Life was bliss....

One day though, something changed. As I switched off the lights, pulled his hips closer to mine and softly nibbled on his neck, he cupped my face and passionately kissed me on my lips. All of a sudden, he blurted out those three forbidden words..."I love you". Without a second thought, I hugged him tighter. I realized that I had felt the same way for a while now, but didn't have the courage to say it out a loud. I guess the heart wants what it wants. In my case, it was him all along.

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3. How About Yes?

We had known each other for a few years now and had tagged ourselves, “friends with benefits” about a year ago. People asked us “why?”, we asked them “why not?”

It was simple. It was drama-free. We were there when we needed each other, under the blankets, in a hot embrace, his lips exploring my body and my hands exploring his. Everyday with him was something fresh, we never felt disappointed with each other or even underappreciated.

Until one day, we were sitting in bed solving a crossword puzzle together when he said “You know, I love these moments with you. I never thought I could enjoy solving puzzles even more but with’s better.”

“That’s sweet. Sounds like you are in love with me!” I teased him. He gave me a piercing look, one that lingered on my eyes for a little too long.

“You know we’ve always said no to this relationship drama but in this one year we haven’t even been with anyone else. Do you think it’s time to say yes for a change?” His words were like a mirror I had been avoiding all this time. So I said yes.

And we never said no again.

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