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11 Things NO Girl Should Have To Apologize For!

11 Things NO Girl Should Have To Apologize For!

Being human, we cannot help but have a few flaws, and that stands true for every single person on this planet. For the same reason we might end up making mistakes too, sometime or the other, and it’s perfectly fine to not make a big deal about apologizing when you don't feel like you were in the wrong. In fact, it’s a great thing! Because there are some things in life no girl should have to apologize for, even if people say otherwise. Here are a few!

1. For having a full fledged career, even after marriage.

It is completely fine to ignore the people who tell you that you cannot be aggressively ambitious or have a serious career just because you are a girl or because you are going to get married. Hold your head high and chase your dreams till they become a reality.
1 No girl should apologize for

2. For having sex…

This is no one’s business but yours. It is your discretion when, where and with whom you want to get intimate. Never apologize for something you feel is right for you. Also read: 10 Things Confident Girls Never Say About Themselves!

3. For your appearance… In any way!

Let no one ever make you feel embarrassed or ashamed about the way you look. Fat, thin, short, tall, fair or dark is not what defines you, and you do not have to be the slightest bit apologetic about how you appear. 3 No girl should apologize for

4. For saying “No”

To sex, to food, to going to a party, to accompanying a friend to the market, to lending money and even to getting out of bed. It is completely ok to say no, if that is how you feel. There is nothing wrong with this and certainly nothing to be sorry about.

5. For your priority list

If it’s family before boyfriend or career before marriage or vice versa, then so be it. You are the only one who should be deciding who and what your priorities are. Let no one tell you that your list is all wrong. 5 No girl should apologize for

6. For splurging on yourself

If you are a strong, independent woman and if you work hard all week, then you have the full right to splurge on and pamper yourself all you want with your hard earned money. Don’t ever be sorry for buying that thing you have always wanted.

7. For being brutally honest

Truth isn’t always honey and roses, but that does not mean you have to apologize for being honest. At least you are being your own true self and not putting up an act to impress people. Chin up, girl! 7 No girl should apologize for

8. For your past

Everyone has stories in their past that they may not be particularly proud of, but that does not mean you have to say “sorry” for that. You did what you wanted to, and even if you made a mistake, you learnt something from it. Besides, something that is gone should never affect what is to come next. Also read: 12 Ways You Are *Winning* At Life! (You Go, Girl!)

9. For not getting married just yet… Or at all!

Marriage again, is a personal choice. Who, when, what, how… It's all up to you. Marry when you find the right guy and the right moment, otherwise if you do not want to get married, that’s cool too. Don’t let anyone give you pain about it, there's nothing to be ashamed of. 9 No girl should apologize for

10. For crying

Whoever says that crying is a sign of weakness is wrong. Letting out your emotions vis tears, if you feel like it, is not wrong. In fact, only someone who has the courage to accept and face their sentiments has the guts to cry and that’s brave!

11. For disagreeing with someone

It may be your boyfriend or bestie or a random stranger. If you do not believe in something, then it’s absolutely okay to disagree. Disagreeing does not equal insulting and you do not have to apologize to anyone for holding an opinion that does not resonate with theirs. 11 No girl should apologize for GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Sep 5, 2016
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