11 Things EVERY Parlour Didi Says - Just, WHYYY?!

11 Things EVERY Parlour Didi Says - Just, WHYYY?!
The world knows that women love to gossip! Even if it’s light-hearted and harmless gossip, we do engage in it often. However, our parlour didis have mastered the art of gossiping and also saying the weirdest and some of the meanest things to us. Don't believe us? Read on!

1. “Bikini wax? Ohhhh… Special night na?”

Uhm, not that it is any of your business but maybe “na”. But just so you know, some us really like going that extra mile for personal hygiene, okay?

1 parlour didi

2. “Only eyebrows? No upper lip?”

Lady, you're not insinuating that I’m super hairy, are you? So, I have some hair in my face. It’s only natural. Just do the eyebrows for now and please, please don’t screw it up this time.

3. “Hogaya eyebrows! Perfect! Bilkul Katrina type!”

*Looks into the mirror* Oh my dear God! What in heaven’s name has she done? I have to go to another parlour to fix this!

3 parlour didi

4. “Woh kaun tha, aapka Mr.?” (When she spots a man waiting for you outside)

Is there a way to make our parlour didis a little less interested in our personal lives? So what if he actually was my “Mr.”? What can she possibly do with that piece of information?

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5. “So many blackheads, yaa. Nikaal du?”

Yes, I know just how many there are, I look at my face everyday. Please don’t be oversmart. It hurts like hell and leaves marks on my nose.

5 parlour didi

6. “Shaadi kab karoge beta? I'll do your wedding makeup, okay?!”

Why don’t you stop tweezing my eyebrows and start finding me a guy to marry then?! Clearly you're interested in matchmaking more than this!

7. “This haircut will give your hair volume and structure to your face!”

No, it really doesn’t. You’re a terrible liar. All you did was chop off two inches of my hair. I could’ve done this myself.

7 parlour didi

8. “Ye face pack try karo. It’s best for your dry skin.”

I don’t recall walking in and asking for a face pack. Why is this disgusting smelling face pack being forced on me? Plus, I have oily skin. I have oily skin all throughout the year! Okay, did she just say she's ONLY going to charge me another 500 bucks for this?!

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9. “This is the best eye makeup tip. It will make your eyes look bigger, like Kajol!”

Hey, woman! I was born with these eyes and I love them. What’s wrong with what they look like?

9 parlour didi

10. “How old are you? BA Pass? Meet my cousin brother?”

Only meet? Why just meet didi? I will prepare samosas and chai for him and we can make babies the very next day, no?

11. “Woh Teena hai na, uske parlour mein toh chuhe hai!”

Hey! Teena didi is really nice, okay? She doesn’t gossip nor does she try to hook me up with any of her male relatives. If only she wasn't shut on Tuesdays!

11 parlour didi

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