Sunday Shorts: 3 Sexy Tales About Playing “Games” In Bed!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Sexy Tales About Playing “Games” In Bed!

1. Sexzee Yahtzee!

On one of our "stay at home" nights, my boyfriend suggested we play a game. It took me a little time to realize we won’t be playing snakes and ladders but I agreed eventually. Why would I say no to some much appreciated spice in the bedroom? After a bit of google searching, we decided to play "Sexzee Yahtzee". It sounded fun to both of us as soon as we read the name! Basic rule is to have a dice and write down activities to perform at every number so that every time you roll the dice, the other person will have something to do. Much like truth and dare, minus the truth.

My turn came first, and I called for a "sexual foot massage" which I thoroughly enjoyed and then for his turn I had to perform a lap dance! We played some sexy music and slowly and steadily I got my groove on as he laughed about it! “That’s mean!” I exclaimed. “No, that’s funny!” he laughed again. “Oh, is it?” I asked bending down in slow motion with my back turned towards him and then back up. I walked towards him, glad that all those dance classes were paying off, and placed my leg up on his shoulder (he was seated, don’t worry). “Is it still funny?” I asked in the sexiest voice I could pull off, he grabbed me by waist and other leg so that I was neatly placed on his lap. “It never really was!” he said, placing a long deep kiss on my lips.

That ended the games for the night but we haven’t stopped playing it since. ;-)

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2. Dessert And Blind Kisses

He knew how much I loved chocolate fudge ice-cream. My ideal weekend would be watching a movie, wearing my pajamas and shoving my spoon into a big tub of gooey chocolate ice-cream. Ah, bliss!

One weekend, my boyfriend decided to spice things up. He blindfolded me and asked me to feed him some ice-cream. The catch was, if I spill it, I'd have to clean it by licking it off his body. He took his clothes off and removed mine too. He tenderly kissed my lips and handed me the tub of ice-cream. After every drop that spilled, he would guide my face to the spot. Every bit of it was such a turn-on. We not only took turns while doing it, but every lick and slurp made me crave for him even more. We even took a shower together after. Hot, steamy and wild make out session soon followed. And, even though I didn't think it was possible but, I love chocolate ice-cream even more now!

2 sexy games

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3. Timeout!

Long distance does make you yearn, and so I decided to take it a notch higher.

The night he stayed over, we played a game called "Timeout". We decided on a time limit of 25 minutes, in which we had to take turns to pleasure each other, but without him being inside of me.

As we started, we could feel our already urgent instincts growing stronger, and the moans becoming deeper. Our hands couldn't really decide where they wanted to be and neither could our mouths.

The last five minutes were real struggle but the next few after that were pure heaven...

3 sexy games

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