momina mustehsan was shamed

This Celeb's Response To The Guy Who Shamed Her Is KICKASS!!

Prerna Chauhan

Guest Contributor

You must have heard someone or the other say - “Woh? Uski shakal toh meri maid se milti hai!” or maybe, “Haha! Usse better toh mera naukar dikhta hai,” haven’t you? We all have. But really, why is being compared to a maid or a servant considered to be offensive? Or let’s just put it like this - why do people compare someone with their maids or servants to offend or insult them? So what if someone is poor, you can’t use their profession as an insult to shame someone. The way we look at such matters is just not nice. Who decided that the richer section of society is “pretty” and the other section is “ugly”? Ridiculing someone is unjust, and it doesn’t make anyone “cooler”!

Remember Momina Mustehsan from Coke Studio’s version of “Afreen Afreen”? We sure do! Her voice is as beautiful as her face! We just can’t stop praising her because she is just so pretty and also, talented AF!

A guy shamed her on Twitter saying, “She’s not even close to beautiful. She’s just your day to day average looking girl. No offense but she resembles the maid girl at my house.”. And her reply to this hater was BANG ON!

She tweeted- “Didn’t Know ‘maid girls’ at a Pakistani’s house couldn’t be beautiful, and being compared to one could be offensive.”. She just won our hearts all over again!

You can have a look at her tweets...

1 momina mustehsan was shamed

Source: Momina Mustehsan on Twitter

She further tweeted...

2 momina mustehsan was shamed

Source: Momina Mustehsan on Twitter

We totally agree! Such issues plague society and we should start raising our voices against them!

3 momina mustehsan was shamed

Source: Momina Mustehsan on Twitter

Momina, kudos to you! You go, girl!
Published on Sep 20, 2016
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