8 Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know To Deal With Sweat Patches!

8 Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know To Deal With Sweat Patches!

No girl wants to deal with sweaty underarm patches. It’s not only embarrassing but it can also ruin a perfect outfit. Unfortunately, thanks to our Indian climate it’s an issue that we all face from time to time. Regardless what the problem maybe, you’ve got to do something about underarm and body sweating fast! Here are 8 hacks to deal with sweaty underarm patches.

1. Cotton All The Way

Synthetic fibers like rayon and polyester not only trap sweat but the odour as well, which means that they can also become smelly quite quickly. Instead, opt for a light fabric. Cotton is a fabulous option. It lets your skin breath and allows sweat to dry up quickly. You can also put on an undershirt on a particularly hot day or if you’re prone to sweating, so that your outfit stays dry and fresh.

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2. Wipes To The Rescue!

2 hacks for dealing with sweat patches Whenever you step out of your house, always carry a pack of wipes. Be it wet or dry, blotting wipes do a great job at keeping your underarms clean and odor-free. Depending on how often you sweat, use them to wipe your pits every 2-3 hours on a busy day. That way your underarms will feel fresh and you won’t stain your clothes too! Also read: 8 Top Tips To Get Smoother Arms And Underarms!

3. Panty Liners Love You

Who ever thought about this hack, is a genius! All you’ve got to do is grab a panty liner and stick it on the underarm area of your clothes before putting them on. It will absorb the sweat and also, you’ll be able to stretch your arms without being conscious about it. Don’t worry, no one will know that you have panty liners stuck on the inside of your clothes. It works like a charm if you ask us.

4. Go Sleeveless, Girl!

4 hacks for dealing with sweat patches Since there’s no fabric around or under your arm, sweat stains are less likely to be visible. Wearing sleeveless clothes will keep your underarms cool and prevent sweat from forming and spreading.

5. Say Hello To Antiperspirants

They’re better than regular deodorants and are quite effective. They keep the area dry and prevents bacterial growth by temporarily blocking the sweat glands. We love this one by Nivea. Just make sure to wash your underarms with plain water once you get home. If you keep an antiperspirant on for long hours, you might get a rash or begin to smell.

6. Keep It Groomed

6 hacks for dealing with sweat patches Yes ladies, shaving or waxing your underarms regularly will not only keep the area hair-free but will also prevent any sort of bacteria from growing there. Hair tends to absorb sweat and contribute in staining your outfits, which is why it’s important to keep the area groomed and clean, aside from being able to wear those sleeveless outfits of course!

7. Lemon Juice To The Rescue!

For getting rid of sweat stains, lemon juice is your go-to natural ingredient! It’s affordable and works like a charm everytime. All you’ve got to do is take a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it with some water. Pour it over the stain and try to rub it off. Soak and wash your clothes like you would normally wash them. Also read: 7 Super Tips To Sweat Less This Summer (And Avoid Body Odour!)

8. Pick Unlined Bras Over Padded

8 hacks for dealing with sweat patches Understand one thing ladies, more padding means more fabric. When that happens, expect more sweat! The extra padding can make you sweat more and you could also get a nasty rash if not washed properly. Opt for an unlined bra every now and then instead, they will let your skin breath and will keep you cool inside.   Images: Shutterstock