10 ‘Curvy Girl’ Fashion Rules You DON'T Need To Follow!

10 ‘Curvy Girl’ Fashion Rules You DON'T Need To Follow!
Nobody likes restrictions when it comes to experimenting with fashion. Especially when you’re blessed with the curves you would love to flaunt! We agree that it’s essential to dress according to your body type to look your best. But if you’re one of the curvy girls who are sick of hearing people telling them to wear black and vertical stripes, this one’s for you! Here are 10 fashion myths EVERY curvy girl needs to break out of...

1. All Black Is Your Only Friend

Agreed that black is the go to colour for hiding those few extra inches, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to ALL black forever! Reach out for the bright colours of the season, wear the colourful prints with pride and show off those curves. If you want to play it safe initially, you can always include black in your colourful outfit. Girls with a heavier bottom can wear black bottoms and pair it with bright coloured tops and vice versa.  

2. Say NO YES To Horizontal Stripes

2 curvy girl fashion myths

Vertical stripes have been known to give a slender appearance by adding height to your look. But if you have a soft spot for stripey clothes, you must give horizontal stripes a try! Try putting on a horizontal striped blazer or a skirt. When picking out striped clothes, always go for thin stripes over thick ones. Thick stripes will give you a bulkier look whereas thin stripes will create a slim illusion.

3. Body Hugging? No Way Oh Yes!

Put aside all those baggy clothes, it’s time you put on some body huggers and flaunt your curvaceous figure! You just have to be smart in choosing the right type of body hugging clothes. Go for fit and flare dresses, high waist denims and balloon top dresses that fit at the bottom. There’s a body hugging option for all body types!

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4. Say NO YES To The Maxi Trend

4 curvy girl fashion myths

Sick of hearing that maxi skirts and dresses will look like a maternity gown on you? Well, just FYI, it’s not even true! Maxi dresses and skirts will hide those extra inches and give a feminine flow to your attire. Pair them with wide waist belts to draw all the attention towards the right areas and look your best.

5. Printed Pants Are Not Made For You

Prints will make you look bigger than you are - not always! Don’t shy away from printed pants, befriend them! Again, be careful in choosing what print you decide to wear. Big prints and thick stripes may not be the best idea, but small prints, no matter how colourful, will surely go well with your body!

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6. Peplums Are Not Your Friends

6 curvy girl fashion myths

If you’ve been avoiding peplum tops all this while, it’s high time you add them to your closet! These beautiful tops are made for curvy girls. With a design that draws all the attention towards all the right places, there’s no reason for you to not wear peplums. The fit and flare pattern will accentuate those curves like nothing else!

7. NO YES Crop Tops...

Crop tops can add so much height to your look, making you look slender and SO attractive! Don’t give up on them already. Pair them with high waist skirts, accessorize with blazers and put on those heels. Crop tops are definitely worth a try!

8. Swimsuits Are Not Your Cup Of Tea..

8 curvy girl fashion myths

Who said? Of course you can wear all the gorgeous swimsuits you like! You just have to style them cleverly. We think a halter bikini top and high waist shaper briefs would look amazing on those curves!

9. Curvy Girls Can’t Can Wear Leggings!

Yes maybe you got those extra curves but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the most essential item in your closet! Wear those leggings with style and dress them up the right way to look your best. Try not to wear leggings that end right at the ankles as that will only make you look shorter and make you look heavier than you are. Team it with bulky shoes like gladiator heels or funky sneakers to make your legs look more shapely.

10. Stilettos? Maybe Not Yes!

10 curvy girl fashion myths

We have good news for all those of you who thought that stilettos were reserved for skinny girls! There is no such rule that stilettos are not to be worn by curvy girls. Girls love their heels and must not be kept from wearing them! A pair of high heels will only add height to your look by elongating your legs making you look tall and slender. Try wedges and block heels too if you like and go ahead and flaunt those curves!

Life is too short to live by any rules! Don’t restrict yourself, go out there and experiment!

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