8 Beauty Commandments To Live By If You’re In Your Early 20s!

8 Beauty Commandments To Live By If You’re In Your Early 20s!
Girls, didn’t we all think we would have life all figured out by the time our mid-twenties rolled around? Well, the chances are that you're not quite there yet and that’s totally okay. It’s fine to act young and reckless, in fact please do, but just not with your skin. Just ‘coz you’re having a quarter life crisis doesn’t mean your skin should suffer too! Here are a few beauty commandments every girl should follow by the time she turns 25. Step up your beauty game so you can look 25 forever!

1. Stock Your Vanity

1 beauty commandments for every girl

You may have gotten by with just a face wash or a wet wipe and occasionally applying moisturizer when you were younger, but trust us, it’s just not going to work this way forever! It really is essential to have a good skincare regime if you want a healthy skin and a flawless complexion. A cleanser, toner, moisturizer and serum is what your skin needs in order to stay healthy, fresh and glowing. If you’re noticing dark circles, puffiness or just tired-looking eyes, then an eye cream too is important to keep your eyes looking young.

2. Get Lipstick Lovin’

Lipsticks can seriously light up your face and add some drama to your appearance in a matter of seconds. If you aren’t in a serious relationship with a few pretty shades of lipstick then you need to be, stat. It’s just a matter of getting used to seeing it on your face. Trust us, a swipe of red, pink, orange, brown or nude is enough to take you from drab to fab. Plus, it’s true, it really does work wonders and takes your confidence to another level.

3. Are You SPF-Ready?

3 beauty commandments for every girl

Want to hear something scary? The sun can cause Melasma with time, which is basically skin discolouration in places like your cheeks, nose and upper lip (which can look like a moustache!). Need we say more?! Sunblock is essential every single day to help you age gracefully and not have to deal with wrinkles and dark spots.

4. Be Diligent  

It really is time to grow up now, ladies. No more leaving your nail polish on for weeks and then picking it off. Use nail polish remover the second it starts chipping. Remember chipped nails are never classy. Make sure you take off your kajal and eyeliner every night, no one wants dark raccoon eyes later. And make it a point to brush your hair often, if you have curly hair do it at night or before you wash your hair. It’s important to distribute your scalp’s natural oils across your strands.

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5. Find Your Signature Scent

5 beauty commandments for every girl

Fresh, floral, spicy, sexy, feminine - every girl must have a signature scent that suits her best. Experiment with fragrances till you find one that makes you feel fantastic. Just remember not to over spritz, you don’t want it to be overpowering. Learn all the right spots you should be spraying your perfume on here.

6. See A Professional

It’s so important to keep your fingers off your face. No more picking, popping and squeezing zits and blackheads please! They will only leave scars and cause more zits. See a dermatologist and leave that to the professionals. Also, he/ she will guide you well about your skin type and how to care for it well. Plus, make it a point to get a facial every month to keep your complexion looking fresh and radiant.

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7. Invest Wisely

7 beauty commandments for every girl

When it comes to your grooming supply, learn what is worth splurging on and what to save on. Certain eye creams, night creams and foundations that really make your skin look great come with hefty price tags but are worth investing in. On the other hand, there are plenty of inexpensive cleansers, mascaras and lipsticks from affordable brands that work well and won’t cost you much. Explore products and do some research so that you spend your money well on products that really work for you and your skin.

8. Shower Smart

Make sure to cleanse and rinse in the right order to keep breakouts on your face, back or anywhere else at bay. The order should be hair, body and then face. That’s because products like shampoos, or anything else not designed for your face, can clog pores. That’s why it’s better to wash your face last.

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