7 Places You SHOULD Be Applying Perfume (Not Just Your Neck!)

7 Places You SHOULD Be Applying Perfume (Not Just Your Neck!)
If you thought dousing yourself in repeated spritzes of your favourite perfume would ensure you smell great throughout the day, you couldn’t be more wrong! Instead of tucking away your bottle of fragrance in your bag to spritz on every few hours, there are certain spots on your body you should be spraying on (these hot spots help diffuse the scent as they heat up), which will help you smell irresistible always.

Best Places To Apply Perfume On Your Body

We give you the strangest spots on your body to apply perfume to ensure you smell fantastic all the time...

1. Inside Your Elbows

An obscure pulse point, it emits heat to help diffuse your perfume for long-lasting effects. The more hydrated your skin is, the longer your fragrance will last, so make sure to keep it moisturised.

2. In Your Hair

Best Places To Spray Perfume

Your strands are perfect for carrying your scent around for long stretches of time. Plus, it’s a great idea to instantly help your hair smell fresher when you don’t have time for a wash. Just remember not to spray it on to your hair directly as that could be very drying. Instead, spritz it on to your hairbrush before running it through your locks to help spread it evenly.

3. Down Your Back

You’ve never thought of spraying your back right? Believe it or not, it’s a genius idea to help your scent linger subtly throughout the day. Pull your top back at the collar and blast your perfume down between your skin and your top. Your natural movements through the day will help diffuse the fragrance.

4. Behind Your Ears

Best Places To Spray Perfume

Amplify your favourite perfume by spraying it on these pulse points. Dab it behind your ears instead of your neck to immediately smell fresh and to save yourself from tarnishing your necklace.

5. On Your Bellybutton

A few drops in your belly button can be your little secret to smelling flawless all the time. It may sound a bit odd but we’re pretty sure it’ll drive your guy wild whether you have your clothes on or not!

6. Behind Your Knees

Best Places To Spray Perfume

Where the veins are closest to your skin are the zones you should be targeting, which makes this area perfect. Sporting your scent behind your knees where your blood is warmer will help it radiate it off you and rise up from your lower body. Remember to spray the area the next time you wear a dress to emit your fave fragrance every time you cross and uncross your legs.

7. On Your Ankles

Yes, your ankles and feet are in perpetual motion, which means they’ll help your perfume waft with every step you take. This way you will quite literally smell fantastic from head to toe. Plus, spritzing your ankles can be surprisingly refreshing. Try it to believe it!

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