10 Times Your Sister Made You Realize You Don’t Need A Brother!

10 Times Your Sister Made You Realize You Don’t Need A Brother!
Sister (N) - A person who is equal parts annoying and lovable. Really though, growing up with sisters is growing up with a lot of love and a whole lot of fun. Anyone who only grew up with sisters will tell you that they never felt the absence or the need of a brother. And that's because there are many specific times when our sisters actually made us feel like we were completely fine without a brother. Here are some of those moments! Sister power, for the win!

1. When you had to go shopping

Oh, thank god (or your parents) for sisters! A sister’s opinion matters so much when it comes to the things we buy. Shopping with a brother - the idea itself just sounds like an awkward half an hour ride to the mall, eating and coming back without getting any shopping done.

1 do not need a brother

2. When you grew up listening to great music

Who says you need a brother to be introduced to awesome music? Well, maybe no one says it but it has been implied often. Seriously though, we have our sisters to thank for all these awesome readymade playlists we have.

3. When you wanted to try new things

*Hush hush* Remember that time when you wanted to watch an adult film or the first time you went to a pub for a cocktail? And your sister was the one who made it happen? Thanks, sis! Thanks a lot!

3 do not need a brother

4. When you needed a ride

To anywhere on the planet. Even when you can easily walk, you will somehow manipulate your sister into dropping you off to wherever you need to be. Sisters can be a bit gullible too when it comes to us (thank god for that)!

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5. When she taught you how to stand up to your bullies

It’s not just charity that begins at home but empowerment too. Dear sister, because of you I learned how to fend for myself and how I should always stand up for myself.

5 do not need a brother

6. When you needed someone to listen to you

Guys aren’t always very open with their feelings and especially brothers when it concerns their sisters! But we girls like to talk, get to the root of what’s hurting us and we like to let it out by just cry sometimes… This is when we realize how much we need our sisters!

7. When we need to get ready for an event

Does a brother know how to drape a saree or know the difference between fuchsia and magenta? Will he know how to apply make-up on us? We think not and our sisters are always helping us to look our very best!

7 do not need a brother

8. When they proved to the world that our family was complete

So what if we don't have a brother? We'll take care of our parents, whenever they’ll need us, together, we'll give the support the other one needs when times get tough… We're a team and our sisters taught us how to be team players!

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9. When they taught us how to be physically stronger

And taught us self-defence along with that. Because sisters never back down from a fight - all the hair-pulling, the punching, the kicking, the scratching. Thanks for teaching us these life skills early on, sister!

9 do not need a brother

10. When they made us believe we aren't any less than a guy

They taught us how to be independent, how to deal with boys, how to fight for what is right and always walk with our head held up... But most importantly they taught us that there isn’t anything in the world that we can’t do that men can.

To all the sisters out there, we love you for ALL of this! <3

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