10 Ways You Feel All “Grown Up” After Your Wedding!

10 Ways You Feel All “Grown Up” After Your Wedding!
Let’s just put the truth out there - marriage does make you feel grown up. It’s like suddenly you’re no more the baby of the house but a grown up lady who’s got things to do! Trust us, you’ll know what we’re talking about once you’re actually there! Here are 10 ways you’ll feel a couple of years older than what you really are right after the wedding. Don’t worry, it’s actually not that bad!

1. You’re a bhabhi, chachi, mami… All too suddenly!

Hearing all those kiddies call out to you with various relationship tags sure sounds sweet (but also a little weird!). Am I really that big now?!

1 feel all grown up after marriage

2. The lady of the house

Yup, that’s you! You’ve always seen your mom bear that dreaded title and now it’s you! You’re the head, the woman in-charge, the responsible one, you’re every damn thing of the house…. When did this happen?!

3. I now pronounce you husband and wife

Uhh, well, being someone's wife is a grown up thing to be, isn’t it? And only grown ups kiss, hug, hold each other in public, without being scared of mum and dad finding out!

3 feel all grown up after marriage

4. You are actually a love guru!

Your dewars and little sisters-in-law come to you for relationship advice. The roles are reversed and you find yourself giving tips to others rather than asking for them!

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5. You make small talk with the rishtedaars!

No longer can you stay put in your room when people come home visiting. Get up, make some chai and indulge in some family gossip… That’s how grown ups behave!

5 feel all grown up after marriage

6. Sex as you like it

Now here’s the good part. You’re more mature in bed too after marriage. You’ll notice how confident and in control you are in bed! Now that sure feels awesome!

7. You think about things you never bothered about earlier!

From monthly savings to locking the house properly before leaving to having enough groceries at home and keeping all important documents in place - you suddenly find yourself being concerned about it all.

7 feel all grown up after marriage

8. Maggi and bread is no dinner!

Yeah, you had that all through our college years, but now that can’t be your staple diet anymore! Whether you’re cooking or someone else, it’s funny how even meals have got to be more elaborate now!

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9. Kids… Yup, the thought does come to mind now!

No matter when you plan to have them, the thought itself is always there at the back of your mind and you can feel the time coming closer! When did all that growing up happen?!

9 feel all grown up after marriage

10. Bahu mode ON!

Well, you’re a bahu who has a saas and a sasur, what else do you even need to make yourself feel all grown up!

All the best for this exciting new phase in your life!

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