How To Evolve From Plain Jane To Sweet Seductress!

How To Evolve From Plain Jane To Sweet Seductress!
Transformations can take a lot of time and it could be a lot of hard work too. To be a seductress, one must learn the basics first and slowly work on improving those skills. All of this may sound like it might take forever to become one but trust us, it’s not all that hard. If you are tired of your "plain Jane" image and want to evolve into a sweet seductress, you definitely need to read this.

1. Do your homework

Understand the male psyche, walk into their shoes first. Learn what different kinds of guys like, what turns them on and also, what turns them off. Watch movies about seduction, read up on the art of it, practice it behind closed doors. Use your mirror and work on your confidence.

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2. Work towards a multi-faceted personality

If your personality has an edge, half your work is already done. You need to be aloof but also suggestive and let them know that you're interested. This doesn't mean you should confuse them completely - watch them and be the judge of when is the right time for which signal. Make it obvious that you don’t need them but you *want* them.

3. Size them up

Look them in the eye when you talk to them. Treat them like an equal and let your confidence shine through. Men dig confidence like nothing else! But don't forget to judge their personality too - and don't settle for anything less than what you deserve. If he lusts after you, that's great. But he must also respect you every step of the way.

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4. Take your time

Always keep in the mind that for some guys, the chase is the best part. So don’t give in too easily. A seductress never does that. If he gets tired of the wait and walks away, he wasn't worth your time anyway! As a seductress, you can't let guys like those bother you.

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5. Do things on your own and for yourself

Independence is key here. The more you start doing things for yourself, the more independent and amazing you will feel. You want to wear a gorgeous dress? Wear it for yourself and not the people you meet. You want to travel? Do it for the experience and not the stories. To be a seductress, you need an uncluttered life with one simple aim - to be happy and satisfied!

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6. Be the best of both

Confidence is great but don't let it get to your head - you may start to come across as intimidating and unapproachable and that can be a hindrance for your seduction plans. You can still feel shy about somethings and be coy when it comes to others! Keep them guessing! ;-)

7.  Dress to impress

Throw away all those clothes that you never wear and the ones that don't fit. Along with that, throw away all your shabby clothes that don’t do anything for your body type. Stick to clothes that compliment your body and invest in things you know you will feel good in!

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8. Giggle often and bite your lower lip

It’s the little things that makes a sweet seductress who she is. Simple everyday actions like tucking your hair behind your ear, biting your lips, the way you laugh, all adds to your charm. So, develop your own unique style according to how you like to respond to people and test it out!

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9. Don’t look for approval

A seductress knows who she is and what she wants and she will go out to get what she wants. If someone doesn’t like you, it’s their loss. Always remember this!!

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10. Pay attention to what he has to say

If he knows that you pay attention to him and all that he has to say, he knows that he is important for you, otherwise you would have never paid attention. Let him know that you remember. And also expect the same from him - it's a two way street after all!

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