15 Amazing Deepika Padukone Quotes For Every Girl To Live By! | POPxo
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15 Amazing Deepika Padukone Quotes For Every Girl To Live By!

15 Amazing Deepika Padukone Quotes For Every Girl To Live By!

Attention, affection and appreciation, she has it all - but success hasn’t gone to her head. Time and again Deepika Padukone has proved to the world that she’s much more than just a pretty face in the showbiz - and there’s so much that we can learn from her. She speaks straight from the heart and her words seem to have profound impact on those who look upto her. Here are a few fantastic quotes by her that every girl should live by!  
1. “I always think before I speak. I'm not the sort who will just say anything that comes to my mind. I'm a very emotional and sensitive person. But I'm also very strong and know my mind well. 2. “While I believe that when you are in the glamour industry, you have to look your best, I also believe being skinny is not 'hot and happening’.” 2 quotes by deepika padukone 3. “My choices are like my fingerprints, they make me unique.” Also read: Feeling… BLAH? 13 Funny Motivational Quotes To Get Over It! 4. "I know how to deal with success and failure. The success of Om Shanti Om did not affect me nor did the failure of Chandni Chowk to China." 4 quotes by deepika padukone 5. “It's good to be slightly ambitious, but I believe one shouldn't be too calculative. It's good to be on the edge, but I have never followed my mind. I have always followed my heart. And it has yielded the right results.”
6. "The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest." 6 quotes by deepika padukone 7. “I feel ups and downs are a part of one's career, and this totally depends on how you take it. You can either be knocked down by the negative things, or you can take it in a positive way and learn from it.” 8. "I’ve been through the grind where I’ve come home and there’s no dinner. I’ve forgotten to order it and I’ve slept on an empty stomach. I can proudly say that I own my home today and I’ve worked bloody hard for it.” 8 quotes by deepika padukone 9. “I have always been focused on my job. No profession allows you the luxury of being half-focused. If you're not into it, you're not there.” Also read: 10 Quotes That Make You Want To Fall In Love All Over Again! 10. “I think what you achieve in your life is the result of your own talent and hard work.”
10 quotes by deepika padukone 11. "It’s not about the bags he buys me, or the rocks, or the dinners, or the holidays he can take me on. I’m a self-made girl. I know I’ve achieved a lot already and I don’t need a man for those things. I can buy myself the most expensive bag or the biggest rock I want. For me, it has to be about being my best friend, spending quality time with me, being able to have amazing conversations together even while we are sitting in a house or a car." 12. “I need my man to be mine. I need attention from him. I need to be loved. I need to be nurtured. I also need peace and stability in my relationships." 12 quotes by deepika padukone 13. "I don't think one can look for love. I don't think you can decide 'I will marry this guy'. I think you have to go with the flow. I think when you're young you meet different people and I guess when the time is right and if it is the right person, I think you automatically know."
Also read: 10 Pick-Me-Up Quotes When You Are Having A Bad Day! 14. “Never lose focus of what you want for yourself. People will try and pull you down. There might be things in your life, which will deter your confidence. There might be days when you want to break down; there could be days when you feel like giving up. It’s extremely important to be emotionally strong and be focused. Do it your own way. And don’t be afraid of making mistakes.” 14 quotes by deepika padukone 15. “YES! I am a Woman. I have breasts AND a cleavage! You got a problem!!??” GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Aug 6, 2016
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