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7 Foods *Every* Girl Should Avoid During Her Period!

Sharon Alphonso

Lifestyle & Beauty Writer

It’s totally natural to crave for sugary treats when you’re on your period. But before you binge away, we want you to know that the food you eat does affect your body and your mood during this hormonal time. Bloating, mood swings and painful cramps, are things no girl has time for! To ensure that you have a happy period, here are 7 foods you must avoid!

1. You scream for ice-cream?

1 foods to avoid during your period

As pleasurable as ice-cream is for your tastebuds, it is the complete opposite for your body. Since it’s a dairy product, it’s high in fats. It will not only worsen bloating but also exacerbates inflammation which can cause severe cramping. Give that delicious scoop of heaven a miss if you want a pleasant period.

2. The fried and the salty...

Sure it’s finger lickin’ good but it contains high levels of sodium! (Yeah, we’re hinting at that crispy bag of potato chips) This could lead to bloating and water retention. Every time you crave for something fried and salty, keep a bowl of nuts in front of you and beat the urge the healthy way.

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3. Coffee? Thanks, but no thanks!

3 foods to avoid during your period

It’s warm and soothing, but not during the days of your period. Caffeine actually makes the blood vessels to constrict and the uterus to tighten, resulting in super painful cramps. You may also experience difficulty in sleeping. And you know how precious sleep is to a princess, right? So stick to warm water instead.

4. Sugar is for the weak...

Who are we kidding?! We love sugar! It hits all the right spots and elevates our mood. Not for long though… You see sugar is inflammatory in nature and is known to increase cramping. It will also make you feel grumpy and lethargic later on. A healthier alternative at the time of craving crisis would be to eat fruits! They’re naturally sweet and yummy.

5. #Facepalm to white grains

5 foods to avoid during your period

Just FYI girls, white grains lose most of their nutrients during food processing. It interferes with the blood sugar levels which ultimately leads to inflammation, mood swings and craving. Instead, opt for whole grains or breads that are high on fiber and brown rice to reduce the pain of menstrual cramps.

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6. Fatty meats are a BIG no-no!

Unless you want to experience cramps, bloating and breakouts, you can continue to eat meat. You see, the fat in meat contains arachidonic acid that causes the uterus to contract. Try veg food instead. Salads and sabzi should be your diet during your periods.

7. No love for fluffy baked food

7 foods to avoid during your period

Donuts, cakes, brownies and cookies, are the ultimate comfort foods indeed, but not so comforting during our periods. Since they’re packed with trans-fats, they elevate the estrogen level. This causes pain in the uterus and leads to bloating.

Our advice: Get enough of rest, drink plenty of water and eat your veggies! You’ll ace those 5-7 days like a boss. Good luck, girl!

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Published on Aug 30, 2016
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