7 Really Silly Thoughts I Had During My First Kiss!

7 Really Silly Thoughts I Had During My First Kiss!
A girl’s first kiss is always special. And memorable. Seriously, who ever forgets her first kiss? I sure didn’t, and have very, very fond memories of it. But I also remember a few other things - such as the absolutely ridiculous things that were going through my mind despite the awesomeness of the experience! ;-)

1. Wow, this is really happening… OMG, what did I eat for lunch?! Dammit, should have had some mint before this. Note to self: buy mint. LOTS of mint.

my first kiss 1

2. Uh-oh. Nose-bump. Should I turn my head left or right? Which way is he turning? OMG, kissing must be the biggest cause of neck pain in the world!

3. He tastes so good. Like a YUMMY club sandwich. Nom nom nom.

4. Ooh, boys are very bristly! Interesting... Oh dear, I wonder if he can feel my fuzz - I did my upper lips, like, ten days ago!

my first kiss 4

5. OMG, why am I so short? If I have to stretch up any further, I’m going to have to jump. Oh, he’s bending - aww, so SWEET of him!

6. Wow, he smells AMAZING. It would be so cool if my pillow smelt like this all the time…

7.  This is getting a bit wet. Nice, but really wet. Like… like… like my mouth is getting the world’s most fabulous cleanse! :P

my first kiss 7

Yeah, yeah, I know. I TOLD you it was ridiculous. :D :D

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