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We Tried 11 Patanjali Products... Here's What We Think!

We Tried 11 Patanjali Products... Here's What We Think!

Recently, there has been a lot of talk around Patanjali products... Rishika asked if someone could suggest a shampoo from the range and Trish wanted to know ALL about the Aloe Vera Gel. So we decided to go out and buy 11 products and review them for you! The brand’s USP is creating affordable and all-natural products - but are they really doing that? Read these reviews of 11 beauty products from Patanjali and make an informed decision before buying them. Happy shopping! :)

1. Aloe Vera Kanti Soap

1 Patanjali products review “I've been using the aloe vera soap from Patanjali for a week now. It's pretty basic - cleanses as well as any particular soap. However, it doesn't have the cooling effect I usually associate with a product that comprises aloe extract as an ingredient. And it leaves my skin a little drier than I am used to after my shower - not as hydrating as I had expected it to be.” - Pradipta Sarkar, Managing Editor The Aloe Vera Kanti Soap is priced at Rs 13. You can buy it here.

2. Kesh Kanti Natural Shampoo

2 Patanjali products review “The Kesh Kanti hair cleanser is a fairly decent product. It's not only easy on the pocket, but it also did a great job at bringing my hair back to life. What I love about the shampoo is that it looks like honey, and it has a very natural and fresh scent to it. It improved my hair’s texture and minimized the traces of dirt and dandruff. Plus, the packaging is travel-friendly!” - Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle & Beauty Writer
“I have very fine hair that’s not very voluminous. The hair cleanser was too mild and failed to even cleanse my hair of grime and dirt. My hair used to stay just as sticky as before, even after I washed it with good doses of the cleanser, sometimes even twice.” - Neha Gupta, Senior Lifestyle Writer “I used Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Hair Cleanser and found it to be an effective shampoo. My hair felt light and well-conditioned. I would definitely recommend this to someone who has dry hair.” - Saket Jain, Lead Android Engineer “I have used this Patanjali hair cleanser for almost a month during the monsoons. My hair felt cleaner and bouncier on some days, and on the rest of the days, this shampoo made my hair dry. So judging by the overall experience, it didn't work for me." - Apoorva Gupta, Editorial Coordinator The Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser is priced at Rs 75. You can buy it here.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

3 Patanjali products review “I used Patanjali's Aloe Vera face gel for a month. But I noticed an increase in the number of pimples. Also, my skin was more oily - exactly the opposite of what I had expected from the product. My overall experience of the face gel wasn't that great.” - Sonali Pawar, Editorial Coordinator
The Aloe Vera Gel is priced at Rs 40. You can buy it here.

4. Moisturizer Cream

4 Patanjali products review “The result of using this cream was actually quite impressive. It has a wonderful fragrance that lingers on for quite some time. It spreads easily and applying a small quantity leaves my hands feeling smooth and soft.” - Manika Parasher, Lifestyle Writer & Copy Editor “I really liked it because I tend to have oily skin in the summer (especially the T-zone) but this moisturizer has behaved well with my skin. I got no pimples after using this cream; something that has happened when I’ve used other lotions. I use it in the morning when I'm heading out and I don't have to re-apply it all day after that. The texture is really nice, thick, smooth and consistent. It smells wonderful too.” - Sneha Manandhar, Lifestyle Writer The Moisturizer Cream is priced at Rs 75. Buy it here.

5. Herbal Kajal

5 Patanjali products review “The only good thing about this kajal is that it’s highly pigmented. From there on, it’s all downhill - the kajal is too soft, it doesn’t glide on your waterline with ease, it breaks and smudges very, very easily. I would give it a 0 on 10, and wouldn’t recommend it at all.”  - Sanya Jain, Beauty Writer & Copy Editor
The Patanjali Herbal Kajal is priced at Rs 90. You can buy it here.

6. Honey Orange Face Wash

6 Patanjali products review “This face wash has a really nice and citrus-y fragrance. The consistency is perfect and it lathers easily. However, use this product only if you have oily skin. I have dry skin, and after using it, my skin felt really dry and tight. I don’t see myself exchanging my regular face wash for this, and I feel like the packaging should have mentioned that this is good only for oily skin.” - Sanya Jain, Beauty Writer & Copy Editor “My skin is generally oily in the summers and quite dry in the winters so I stick to this one particular face wash. However, I decided to try the Patanjali Honey Orange Face Wash and I wasn't disappointed. I have a very neutral view about it. It didn't give me the best results nor did it do anything negative to my skin.” - Sneha Manandhar, Lifestyle Writer The Honey Orange Face Wash is priced at Rs 45. You can buy it here.

7. Gulab Jal

7 Patanjali products review
“I regularly use Patanjali's rose water with face packs and also as toner. I have super oily and acne-prone skin, which is also very sensitive. But this rose water and Patanjali's Aloe Vera-Mint Face Wash are amazing in dealing with it. I am happy with the results.” - Garima Singh, Hindi Writer The Patanjali Gulab Jal is priced at Rs 30 for 120ml. You can buy it here.

8. Kesh Kanti Reetha Shampoo

8 Patanjali products review “The hair cleanser has a nice fruity scent but in terms of application, it produces less lather than the shampoo I had been using earlier. It cleans my hair but the results are nothing out of the world. Also, after I had purchased and used it, I noticed that it contains Diazolidinyl Urea* as a base material, and I am not sure that I should be subjecting my hair to that.” - Manika Parasher, Lifestyle Writer & Copy Editor * Diazolidinyl Urea is a formaldehyde releaser that is found in most cosmetic products. You can read more about formaldehydes and their side effects here.
The Kesh Kanti Reetha Shampoo is priced at Rs 85. You can buy it here

9. Saundarya Mysore Super Sandal Body Cleanser

9 Patanjali products review “I have never used a soap with such long-lasting fragrance. Not just my body but even my bathroom was left smelling like sandalwood for the rest of the day. The soap didn't have any side effects on my skin, though I am still doubtful of the amount of sandalwood and aloe vera that was used in its making since the ingredients don't mention any even though the name does. Overall, though, I don’t have any complaints.” - Isheeta Sharma, Lifestyle Writer The Saundarya Mysore Super Sandal Body Cleanser is priced at Rs 35. You can buy it here.

10. Apricot Face Scrub

10 Patanjali products review “I used the Patanjali Apricot Face Scrub. To start with, it's extremely mild. I don't usually use a face scrub more than once a week, but this one can easily be used every other day since it doesn't feel harsh on the face. The texture is creamy and forms a soft creamy layer on your face once you apply it, and that feels good! The scrub beads however are not too gritty and might not be ideal to get rid of white/black heads. I would say it's a decent product but it’s not something I will specially go and buy again.” - Manasvi Jaitly, Senior Wedding Writer
The Apricot Face Scrub is priced at Rs 60. You can buy it here.

11. Strawberry Lip Balm

11 Patanjali products review “I have very dry and chapped lips, and this lip balm did a decent job of moisturizing them. The only thing I didn’t like too much was the consistency - it was too thin. Also, it’s marketed as a strawberry lip balm, but the list of ingredients doesn’t mention strawberries, only artificial strawberry fragrance. This is not something I expected from a brand that markets itself as an all-natural, organic one. ” - Sanya Jain, Beauty Writer & Copy Editor The Strawberry Lip Balm is priced at Rs 25. You can buy it here.

Our Verdict:

Like it is with all beauty products, the way Patanjali products work for you depends largely upon the kind of skin or hair you have. Our Editorial Coordinator, Sonali, for example, was not impressed with the Aloe Vera Gel, but I know a few people who swear by it. So go ahead and buy these products if you want to see how they work for you - they won’t burn a hole in your pocket for sure! But don’t expect a sea change in how you look.
Published on Jul 27, 2016
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