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Best every 15 acne treatment products every girl needs to know!

Best every 15 acne treatment products every girl needs to know!

With the kind of lifestyle we have these days, it’s quite normal for us to break out. We know how annoying it is when we see that pimple marrying the beauty of our face. Even when the redness and puffiness is gone, the acne leaves a nasty scar and girls, we know how super annoying that is! But, don’t you worry, pretty ladies, we are here to help you as we have come up with a list of different acne treatment products that actually work for acne scar removal.

1. Biotique Bio Myristica Spot Correcting Anti-Acne Face Pack

acne scar removal - biotique

This acne face pack is full of ayurvedic goodness and has antibacterial properties too. The spot correcting formula not only helps remove acne and pimples, but stubborn acne scars as well. It also helps in controlling the bacteria responsible for breakouts, ensuring proper acne treatment for the long run.

rice: Rs 169. Buy it here.

2. Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Bar

acne scar removal - sebamed cleansing bar

If you’re someone who has sensitive skin and is prone to acne, then you should swap your usual soap with this cleansing bar. It cleanses your pores which helps in preventing further breakouts. This bar is rich in Vitamin E, and that also helps in getting rid of acne scars and marks.

Price: Rs 189. Buy it here.

3. Soulflower Coldpressed Coconut Pure Natural Carrier Oil

acne scar removal - coconut oil

Girls, if you don’t know it already, coconut is an elixir for your skin and hair. It works like magic on your skin, regardless of your skin type. If you are done with stubborn acne marks, then make it a point to massage this oil as an acne and acne scar treatment remedy on the affected areas before sleeping. You will see the results in a few weeks or so.

Price: Rs 255. Buy it here.

4. Mederma Skin Care

acne scar removal - mederma

This acne scars removal cream will help in getting rid of the annoying acne marks. Once the redness of your acne is gone, apply this on the affected area on a daily basis and you will see the results in a span of eight weeks.

Price: Rs 380. Buy it here.

5. Vedic Line Papaya Bio Gel Serum

acne scar removal - papaya gel serum

Perfect for oily and acne-prone skin, this gel serum will work like magic on your skin. Apply it every day before going to bed and see the difference. It consists of Vitamin E, wheatgerm oil and lanolin, that help lighten scars and give you that gorgeous glow - making it perfect as an acne and acne scar treatment product!

Price: Rs 160. Buy it here.

6. Bio-Oil

acne scar removal - bio oil

Bio-oil is an amazing product when it comes to skin care. A specialist in its field, it’s known for removal of acne scars. It consists of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and a mix of essential oils like lavender, rosemary, and chamomile that help in lightening unwanted marks on your skin. It’s amazing, girls!

Price: Rs 360. Buy it here.

7. Juicy Chemistry Frankincense & Hemp Seed Serum

acne scar removal - juicy chemistry

This is a super product that does a million things to bring back the glow on your skin. It’s packed with neem, clove, turmeric, sandalwood and other essential products needed to heal the skin. This is something you should definitely try for acne treatment.

Price: Rs 400. Buy it here.

8. Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel Ph5.5

acne scar removal - sebamed gel

This soothing and healing face wash will help in treating the acne marks that irritate you so much. It consists of panthenol and hyaluronic acid that help in healing acne lesions and increase the moisture binding capacity of your skin.

Price: Rs 500. Buy it here.

9. Zenvista Meditech Marks Clear Cream

acne scar removal - zenvista meditech marks cream

This acne scars removal cream helps in clearing the acne marks on your face and calms your oily skin. It also evens out your pigmented skin and gives it a smooth texture as well. Grab this one for amazing acne treatment now!

Price: Rs 289. Buy it here.

10. Kama Ayurveda Organic Neem Oil

acne scar removal - neem oil

Neem is a universal healer of all skin ailments - it’s a magic product, ladies. This cold pressed oil from neem seeds will definitely lighten and heal the acne scars. It’s a wonder product - it’s antibacterial, moisturising, and consists of vitamins as well.

Price: Rs 675. Buy it here.

11. Anatomicals Anti-Blemish Face Mask

acne scar removal - anatomicals

This mask helps in getting rid of excess sebum and cleanses your pores to prevent further breakouts. It contains a mix of essential oils like rosemary and tea tree which makes it an effective product for acne scar treatment.

Price: Rs 175. Buy it here.

12. Yves Rocher Pure System Pore Clearing Mask Ultra Clean

acne scar removal - yves rocher

This mask will help in absorbing excess sebum from your skin and other impurities that are behind breakouts, acting as an amazing acne and acne scar treatment product. It clears pores and lightens the scars, giving you clear and glowing skin.

Price: Rs 595. Buy it here.

13. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

acne scar removal - tea tree oil

The tea tree oil will give you that lit-from-within glow by clearing your skin of acne scars and working on the pigmented areas. It has antibacterial properties, this acne treatment is suitable for all skin types, so you won’t have to worry about dry skin anymore.

Price: Rs 695. Buy it here.

14. Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector

acne scar removal - kaya spot correcting

Your dream of flawless and clear skin is not far because this spot corrector is all you need for the right acne scar treatment. It dries the acne and gradually lightens the marks as well. It also hydrates your skin, so it’s safe to use even on dry skin.

Price: Rs 679. Buy it here.

15. Colorbar Skin Care Hydra White Anti-Spot Serum

acne scar removal - colourbar

For that flawless radiance, use this anti-spot serum every night before going to sleep. It takes care of uneven skin tone, minimises dark spots, and most importantly, it will remove all your acne marks.

Price: Rs 757. Buy it here.

These products will definitely give you the desired glow and help in acne scar treatment. Take your pick, ladies

Published on Apr 8, 2017
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