7 Little Secrets No Girl Ever Tells Her Boyfriend!

7 Little Secrets No Girl Ever Tells Her Boyfriend!
Yes, men! Women too *surprise surprise* have secrets that we’d like to tell you, but mostly don’t. Read on to find out what some of these secrets are!

1. No matter what we say, we love romantic gestures

Even if we are not romance enthusiasts, chances are that we still like romantic gestures once in a while. It really wouldn’t hurt to receive a box of chocolates for absolutely no reason, would it?

1 secrets women keep

2. We often want our own space

To be honest, we don’t want to text throughout the day or talk over the phone for hours. That doesn’t mean we don’t love you, just that we enjoy working and spending time with our friends and family as much as we enjoy spending time with you.

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3. It is not always your fault

Okay, yes, it is not always your fault and the only reason we don’t admit to it at that moment is probably because we never learnt to lose any battles! *wink wink*

3 secrets women keep 1

4. We see through your silly excuses

If you think that we don’t know that “extra class” means you’re hitting the football field or “I’m sorry I slept” means you didn’t see our text because you were playing video games, then you are mistaken. We see through the excuses you think you successfully pull off.

5. Sometimes we use PMS as an excuse

Sometimes, just sometimes, we might use PMS as an excuse to get away with things when we get unreasonably angry. However, that’s only because we don’t want to prolong the fight.

5 secrets women keep

6. We don’t always enjoy cuddles

I mean yes, cuddles are pleasant, but not all the time, and especially not when it is hot and humid and all we want to do is lie naked under a fan.

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7. We do check out other people too

Hey, it’s not a crime! Our loyalties lie with you, and checking out other people is only healthy for any relationship. Also, admiring beauty was never wrong, but don’t let us catch you admiring someone else!

7 secrets women keep

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