8 Beauty “Rules” EVERY Girl Should Break!

8 Beauty “Rules” EVERY Girl Should Break!
We’ve all heard those beauty rules, like how you shouldn’t pair dramatic eyes and bold lips, haven't we? But who makes these rules anyway? Not shampooing your hair every day to get the mane of your dreams is proof that some of these norms should definitely be broken. We give you some common beauty rules that you can and should break. You go, girl!

1. "Don’t Wear Makeup Often, It’s Bad For Your Skin"

While we’re definitely from the school of which says that your skin deserves to breathe, this rule is certainly outdated. Nowadays, makeup is designed to not clog pores and even contains hydrating ingredients. Some makeup products also contain SPF, making them perfect to wear all day and protect your skin.

2. "Don’t Moisturize Oily Skin"

2 beauty rules you should break

All oily-skinned girls have definitely been apprehensive about moisturizer at some point or the other. You're worried about that unappealing shine, and understandably so. Well, contrary to popular belief, skipping moisturizer can actually make your skin oilier in the long run. Moisturizing is never a bad idea for any type of skin as it hydrates it and leaves it supple. Just look for a moisturizer that is "oil-free" and suits your skin, that’s all.

3. "Play Up The Eyes Or The Lips, Not Both"

Such a common beauty rule that definitely should be broken. Liner, mascara and bright lips look just as gorgeous as smoky eyes and a killer red pout. If you stick to neutral colours on your eyes like brown or taupe, feel free to wear any colour on your lips you wish.

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4. "Don’t Mix Scents"

4 beauty rules you should break

Layering scents is actually a great way to experiment with a signature fragrance as well as to make its effects long-lasting. Make sure that the scents you mix have similar notes so as to not make it too overwhelming.

5. "Match Your Foundation To Your Jawline/ Inner Wrist"

No ladies, definitely break this rule the next time you buy makeup. Match your foundation to your neck/ chest than on your jawline or wrists to get a more accurate match. This will help pick a shade that will blend in seamlessly between your face, chest and the rest of your body.

6. "Drinking Lots Of Water Will Make You Glow"

6 beauty rules you should break

Drinking water is definitely healthy, but your skin reacts to moisture-heavy products more than the water you drink. So drink water, yes, but don't replace moisturizing with it.

7. "Women Can’t Use Men’s Products"

Surprisingly, so many men’s products actually work better than women’s. Using beard wax can tame brows, men’s shaving creams/ gels can actually give you smoother legs and their eye creams can work wonders for us too! Check out some men’s products that are surprisingly good for our skin and hair.

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8. "Let Your Nails Breathe"

8 beauty rules you should break

Your nails are made of dead tissue, they don’t breathe. You can keep your digits coloured as long as they aren’t discoloured!

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