Dear Boyfriends, 9 Things You Do That Make Us Kinda Mad!

Dear Boyfriends, 9 Things You Do That Make Us Kinda Mad!
Boyfriends can be the sweetest people in the whole wide world... But they can also drive us up the wall occasionally! Sometimes, it feels like they're actually trying to annoy us instead of managing to do it without even realizing. Here are some annoying things boyfriends do that kinda make up a bit mad! 

1. Announcing big things a little too late

Like how he handed in his resignation letter two weeks ago and will soon be starting a new job, in a new city. Or, how he and his childhood friends had suddenly decided that next Wednesday would be the perfect day to go to Bhutan. Their excuse - that they forgot! Just marvellous, guys!

1 Annoying things our boyfriends do

2. Not texting or calling back

Because that is how “they roll”. They say that they didn't see our call or text and sometimes that their phone died. But regardless, this aloofness that they possess can be super annoying.

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3. The white lies about other women

“I don’t talk to any other girl besides you”, “Of course I don’t check other girls out” and “She was just a friend”. Sure, of course. We believe every single word you say...NOT. 

3 Annoying things our boyfriends do

4. Falling asleep on us

There you were, waiting to talk to him, waiting for his call. Five minutes into the conversation you hear him snoring away to glory. Don’t call in the first place if you're feeling that tired and sleepy, okay? We'll understand!

5. Pretending to not know how to do household stuff

Primarily because he is lazy. “I have never washed my clothes or done the dishes”. Okay, good. But you’re an adult now and adulthood is a good time to start learning these things! We sure did. 

9 annoying things boyfriends do

6. Dismissing our period pain

And saying things like, “It’s just a cramp. My legs cramp up every time I play football”. Sometimes, we wish we could throw a 100 footballs at you, so that you can get an idea of the pain we're feeling in that moment.

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7. Sometimes judging our clothes

Ever came home excited with a brand new dress (that you had been eyeing for a while) that you just couldn’t wait to show to your boyfriend? And he asked you, “What is that?” Well, dear boyfriend, practice subtlety next time onwards.

7 Annoying things our boyfriends do

8. Turning into a toddler when talking to his parents

Not in the literal baby-talk way, of course, but by pretending that he’s still five years old and that he can’t possibly finish his lunch because he needs to rush out to play cricket. Why?!

9. Paying attention to other things when together

For instance, when he’s watching a football game or playing a game or watching a series. Like, don’t ignore us. We exist. Please don’t take us for granted!!

9 Annoying things our boyfriends do

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