How To Make Your Cleavage Look As Spectacular As Your Face!

How To Make Your Cleavage Look As Spectacular As Your Face!
We all have, at some point, winced at the difference in the shade of someone’s face and décolletage, or at how less-than-glam that the cleavage can look at times. Here’s how to look after your décolletage and make any low-cut outfit look every bit glam like a true diva!

1. Spread that base

1 Ways to make your decolletage shine

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When you apply foundation on your face, make sure you do the same for your neck and chest area as well. This makes your skin tone even and gives a very dewy and fresh look on the whole.

2. Exfoliate enough

At least 2-3 times a week, make it a point to exfoliate your skin in that area to ensure that you get rid of all dirt and dead skin. You’ll probably realize the difference that makes after you have made this a routine.

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3. Moisturizing to follow

3 Ways to make your decolletage shine

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After exfoliating your way to smoothness, make it a point to moisturize your skin, lest it appear dry and flaky. And do not underestimate the sheen a moisturizer can give, ladies!

4. Contour and highlight

You’ve got enough of these tutorials on the net to emulate. Contouring and highlighting the right way can make you look extremely glamorous and in shape. Not to mention, your cleavage will look phenomenal. Check out how to contour your neckline here.

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5. Bronze it up

5 Ways to make your decolletage shine

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Brushing on a little bit of that bronzer on your collarbone and cleavage area does no harm, ladies! A little bit of subtle shimmer doesn’t always have to be for the silver screen or for red carpet appearances, after all.

6. SPF all the way

If you thought SPF was a must for just your face day-to-day, you’re highly mistaken. The décolletage area is exposed to the sun just as much and must be protected by sunscreen. In fact, this part of your body is among the first to show signs of ageing. Yikes! Better slap on some SPF, girls.

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7. Hair woes

7 Ways to make your decolletage shine

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For those ladies among us who have hair in that area (and most of us do), make it a point not to wax it off. The harsh wax can burn and irritate the sensitive skin in that area, and that can lead to acne too. If you must conceal that fine hair, bleaching would be a better option.

8. Boss bra

This is primary. A low-cut blouse must be paired with a very well-fitted, comfortable bra. This gives the décolletage a firm look, which in turn adds to how amazing that top looks on you.

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9. Posture prime

9 Ways to make your decolletage shine

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Good posture not only makes your ta-tas look nice and perky, it also makes you feel much better and in control on a given day. Make it a point to stand straight and upright always, for that décolletage to proclaim its beauty loud and clear!

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