7 Accessories For The Most AMAZING (And Cool!) Bridal Pics!

7 Accessories For The Most AMAZING (And Cool!) Bridal Pics!
As a bride, us girls have these fantasies of being the star of our day and looking the prettiest version of ourselves. But being pretty does not mean that you sit in a corner and simper. After all, it is your day and you should have as much fun at your wedding as the guests. These brides are giving us the inspiration to totally chill out! This is how you become the cool bride.

1. Cooling glasses

cool bride 1

What more do you need? Keep off the glare of the paparazzi (err… the trigger-happy guests) with some super cool shades!

Image: Anjali Chatrath

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2. Dhol baaje!

cool bride 2

Let the dhols announce your entry to the wedding venue...full style types!  

Image: Sephi Bergerson

3. Quirk it up!

cool bride 3

A kitschy headpiece will make your mehendi look completely fun, like our very own POPxo wedding writer Manasvi.

Image: Manasvi Jaitly

4. Bachelorette queen

cool bride 4

Minnie Mouse ears and a ‘bride-to-be’ sash will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind who’s the star of the show.

Image: Morvi.Images on Instagram

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5. A Victorian parasol

cool bride 5

All the women in our favourite Jane Austen novels carried a parasol every time they stepped out. Recreate your own Victorian fantasy with a parasol of your own as you walk down to the mandap.

Image: Morvi.Images on Instagram

6. Get your own sawaari

cool bride 6

We love this fully-decked rickshaw as the bride’s entry vehicle!

Image: Bhumi and Simran photography

7. Sneaker it up

cool bride 7

Who says you need to endure uncomfortable heels all day at your wedding? We love this bride’s love for her comfy shoes!

Image: Weddingrams

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