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7 Surprising Foods That'll Give You Shiny Hair For Your Wedding

7 Surprising Foods That'll Give You Shiny Hair For Your Wedding
We’ve heard that you are what you eat, but did you know that it applies to your hair too? If you want shiny and smooth hair for your shaadi, you’ve got to eat right. No amount of products you apply on your hair can change its texture if it does not receive proper nutrition from the inside. You need a diet that’s packed with iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins and protein. Here are 7 foods that will help you get the hair you’ve ALWAYS desired for your big day. (You’re welcome!)

1. Fresh, smoked salmon

1 diet for shiny hair

It’s yum and loaded with protein. It contains selenium that’s makes your scalp healthy and omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil that make your hair healthy and glossy. You know what’s even better? It’s a low-cal food that makes a perfect snack if you’re on a diet. Include them in your diet twice a week, and you’ll be waking up to shiny hair in no time!

2. Peanuts, anyone?

Who would have thought that munching on peanuts could get you shiny hair?! Well it certainly can! Peanuts contain biotin which comes in the form of vitamin B which makes scalp healthy and hair strong, long and shiny. You can either toss them into a salad or munch on them not more than twice a week. Also make sure that you opt for the ones that aren’t salted as excess salt could lead to water retention.

3. Walnuts are the best!

3 diet for shiny hair

This brain-shaped nut is what you need in your life. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. It also acts as a natural sunscreen and improves your hair’s texture. Feel free to sprinkle these babies over a bowl of fresh salad, steamy pasta, creamy yogurt or yummy dessert.

4. Leafy spinach

...With vitamin E, vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals that are perfect for improving your hair’s growth and shine. You can actually include these leafy greens everyday in your diet. A salad, a vegetable dish or even a juice works.

5. Hello, avocados!

5 diet for shiny hair

Take it from us, avocados can make your mane go from drab to seriously fab. They contain fibre, potassium, magnesium and folate. You can either scoop it out and eat it with a spoon or you could make a salad out of it. Whatever floats your boat!

6. Almonds forever!

Almonds are packed with flavonoids and vitamin E. They offer nourishment to the hair and protects it from the sun. It helps repair hair follicles and strengthens the roots too. You can either crush them and sprinkle them over your salad and dessert or you can munch on them at your leisure.

7. Chia seeds are superheros

7 diet for shiny hair

Fibre, protein and omega-3s are what chia seeds are all about. They improve the texture of our strands and make sure they become super glossy. You can add them to chaas, smoothies, juice or even dessert.

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