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Dear Dad, A Few Things I Just Can’t Thank You Enough For!

Dear Dad, A Few Things I Just Can’t Thank You Enough For!
Dear Daddy,

You may not know this, but for me, you will always be a superhero. I am who I am today only because of you. You have taught me so much about life in such a short span of time that I fall short of words to appreciate you. Here’s me penning down a list of things that I’m extremely grateful to you for. You’re the best!

Your Loving Daughter.

1. Thank you for giving me the best things in life

I know how difficult life can get at times, but you’ve never given up. You’ve struggled your way to the top and always given me the best in life. I’m a lucky girl to have you as my dad. You deserve all the happiness in the world!

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2. Thank you for never giving up on me

Even when the whole world said I couldn’t do it, you never gave up on me. At every step, you’ve motivated me and helped me reach for the stars. You’ve been my pillar of strength when I hit rock bottom.

3. Thank you for being a good judge of character

I tend to trust blindly at times, assuming that everyone wants the best for me even when they clearly don’t. You saw right through their intentions and made sure that your little girl doesn’t get influenced by any of their fake promises. I’m in a happier place because of you today.

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4. Thank you for scolding me when I needed it

I needed someone to help me distinguish what’s right from wrong - and you were the person who helped me. I agree I’ve had my rebellious days, but only to find out that you were right all along. I’m a well grounded human being only because of you. Thank you for helping me make the right decisions.

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5. Thank you for giving me the best advice!

You have always been the kind of person to never sugarcoat your words. And I’m glad you didn’t. You’ve given me valuable advice when I needed your help the most. Did anyone tell you how awesome you are?!

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6. Thank you for just being a call away

If there’s one person who will leave everything that they’re doing and come to my rescue, it has to be you! I know I can always count on you when I’m in a fix. You’re like a guardian angel who is always looking out for me.

7. Thank you for being proud of me

Every achievement of mine feels like your personal achievement. I’m glad to know that you’re my biggest fan and someone who is genuinely happy about my success. Without you by my side, I doubt any of it could be possible.

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8. Thank you for being so patient with me

There have been days which were good and days which were ugly. You’ve put up with all my little issues. You’ve been patient and watched me grow as person. I share a deep and unique connection with you that I will cherish for a lifetime!

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