#FashionDiaries: On Our First Romantic Date... My Heel Broke!! | POPxo

#FashionDiaries: On Our First Romantic Date... My Heel Broke!!

#FashionDiaries: On Our First Romantic Date... My Heel Broke!!
It was on my friend’s birthday party that I first met him. Dressed in black denim, a plain shirt and a funky undercut which made him stand out. The party started - the drinkers were drinking, the dancers were dancing and the lovers were, well, being lovers. He was standing at the other end of the hall and somehow I caught us exchanging glances time and again. I was not surprised when he walked up to me, a slight smile on his face and a drink in hand. I should admit I did find him pretty cute. We exchanged numbers and that was the beginning of a thousand texts and late night conversations.  He asked me if I would go out for dinner with him one night and my heart jumped.

Super excited and nervous at the same time, I spent hours thinking about what would be the perfect outfit for a dinner date. Finally, I picked a simple black dress and my favourite heels since I did not want to seem overdressed or over enthusiastic about the date - a girl’s gotta act cool in times in times like these.

Internal my heel broke

I got my hair done, slipped into my dress and heels and I headed out - all the while, asking my heart to beat a little slower. He had picked a nice restaurant in Khan Market. When I reached the market, he was already there. The restaurant was on the inner circle, so we had to walk through one lane to get there. He told me I looked pretty the moment I met him. I was blushing.

So we were walking towards the restaurant and I was feeling pretty good about the way I looked. That’s when I tripped on something and my heel broke. Like completely gone. Off my shoe! I wished I could just disappear into thin air and get away from there because I was so embarrassed. All the planning and everything had gone down the drain, I thought. Where was the rabbit hole you could jump into when you needed it?!

I got tense and he could obviously sense that. I did not know what to do, so I started laughing. And he said, “That calls for some shopping. There is a shop right around the corner.”

Pink Banner

So we went to the store and I got another pair and he was so sweet the whole time - it certainly didn’t feel like a first date, but it did feel wonderful. Dinner followed and the rest, as they say, is history. This was three years back and we still talk about how buying a shoe was the first thing we did together.

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