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I Had NEVER Shopped Online Before, But…

I Had NEVER Shopped Online Before, But…
Have you ever envisioned yourself in a particular outfit for that one glorious event you have to attend? That one dress that you know you will be able to rock better than anything else… Well, if you have the time and finances, you can easily get it tailor-made. But when you’re an absent-minded college student like me, the hunt for the dress is more stressful than an exam!

For the seniors’ farewell last year, my batch had to fix up everything. I was dating a guy from the outgoing batch at the time, so I wanted to really make an impression. And although I was busy helping organise the event, I was also on the lookout for that one immaculate dress! Whenever I had some time to spare, I would whisk my best friend, Rekha*, away to one mall or the other. And the stalls at Sarojini Nagar never stood a chance against our determination to find the ideal outfit.

There was about a week and a half left till the grand farewell party when I realised that I still hadn’t found the perfect ensemble. I was fighting off some panic as I called Rekha to remind her of my crisis. It was 6am on a Sunday and she was not in the mood to entertain my drama! All she said was “shop online” and hung up. I’ve never been a tech-savvy person and I never really understood the whole idea of online shopping. But it seemed like it was time to set aside my reservations.

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I had heard some friends talking about a site called Myntra.com and praise it for catering so well to women, so I decided to check it out. It had a great selection of clothes, including something similar to what I had been dreaming about. After relentlessly checking and rechecking the size charts and my measurements, I finally placed the order. Yes, tech-challenged me went to a website, which catered to online shopping for women, and actually bought something! I’ll admit, I was still a bit skeptical about the whole idea, so I chose to pay cash on delivery. Once the confirmation came through, the waiting commenced…

Though the people from the site were kind enough to provide tracking details, I still couldn’t help being nervous! What if the colour of the dress was different or if the size was wrong or worst of all, what if it didn’t arrive on time? But after three days of nervousness and persistent tracking, my order finally arrived at my doorstep. I was extremely anxious as I carefully cut open the package. The dress looked perfect! The colour was exactly how it looked on the site and the quality was great. When I tried it on, it fit like a glove. Just then, Rekha arrived and I did a little catwalk for her. She was totally impressed, not only by my purchase but by how I had embraced online shopping. I told her it was all thanks to her!

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The farewell party went very well. I even managed to make a few heads turn at the party! Things didn’t work out between my then boyfriend and me but honestly, I don’t regret trying to impress him because it inadvertently introduced me to something I’d never tried before. Now, I’m a loyal online shopper. Till date, I’ve ordered more than five articles of clothing from online sites and I have never been disappointed. I hope my experience encourages you to try something new today. It might seem like a risk at first, but once you take the first step, you’ll find that it’s totally worth it. I’m a pro at online shopping these days, and I’m glad I took that leap of faith.

* This is a sponsored post for Myntra.