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Thongs, G-Strings And Now… C-Strings?!!!

Thongs, G-Strings And Now… C-Strings?!!!
Nope. This has nothing to do with music.

We all know what a G-string is. It is but a narrow piece of fabric that covers our delicates (well, almost) held up with nothing but a very thin waistband. Mostly worn under very thin and tight clothes to avoid visible panty lines, a G-string has been around for years. And it is probably one of the most revealing lingerie items till date because it has only a string that goes through your bare bottom, right? Wrong.

Brace yourselves because just when you thought one could bare no more, someone puts their creative, ambitious hat on and decides to push things a little further. Say hello to what will make the G-string look like a full cover-up. This eccentric lingerie item is called the C-String.

1 C String

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Imagine a thong with no waist band. Literally nothing that holds your waist but still covers your lady parts. A thong with no strings attached - literally. That’s what the C-String is. Confused? It is shaped like the letter ‘C’, it cups your delicates, covering only the front. Yes, it’s real and yup, people are wearing it…or attaching it, we’re not sure what to call it.

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The best way to describe it is to say that it’s like a hairband, but for your ladyparts. We don’t know how comfortable or wearable it would be, but no harm in knowing it case there is ever a need for it. From a horizontal perspective, it also looks like an eyepatch. The kind Johnny Depp wears in Pirates of the Caribbean. What?! We’re just giving you a heads-up in case you see one lying around somewhere.

2 c string

And if weird lingerie is your thing and you’re feeling a little decorative, then they come in a number of different designs. From embroidered  floral ones to furry designs, you name it! And it gets better. They were initially designed for men! Now, we’ll leave you to think about that. :P

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