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The BEST Responses To The “Why Are You Still Single?” Question!


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Ever feel tired of being asked why you are still single and having to smile and respond with a noncommittal answer over and over again? Wish you could give a cheeky response which might at the least earn a double take?

Here are some answers that *just* might help stop any future interrogations about your marital status.

1. "My partner has possibly just been born - and I'm prepared to wait a couple of decades for him to turn legal before meeting him."

2. "I am waiting for Tom Hiddleston to recognize my existence…"

2 still single

3. "Or even Michael Fassbender."

4. "Because Ranveer is taken - and I don't want to come between him and Deepika."

4 still single

5.  "I turn into a vampire at night and I don't want to kill my partner."  

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6. "I shall marry the day there is a foolproof 'he is not a serial killer' test."

6 still single

7. "I am compensating for all the underage marriages that have taken place in this country."

8. On a serious note, "I shall find a permanent partner when same-sex marriage becomes lawful in India and every citizen gets the legal right to love and marry whoever they want".

8 still single

9. "Why not? Any man who wants me and a marriage with me is worth the wait. I don’t want to  settle for someone who just wants a bride and a wedding."

10. "I am single because the ones who make me tingle [with excitement] might not be available to mingle. Peace out."

10 still single

GIFs: Tumblr

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