The BEST Responses To The “Why Are You Still Single?” Question!

The BEST Responses To The “Why Are You Still Single?” Question!
Ever feel tired of being asked why you are still single and having to smile and respond with a noncommittal answer over and over again? Wish you could give a cheeky response which might at the least earn a double take?

Here are some answers that *just* might help stop any future interrogations about your marital status.

1. "My partner has possibly just been born - and I'm prepared to wait a couple of decades for him to turn legal before meeting him."

2. "I am waiting for Tom Hiddleston to recognize my existence…"

2 still single

3. "Or even Michael Fassbender."

4. "Because Ranveer is taken - and I don't want to come between him and Deepika."

4 still single

5.  "I turn into a vampire at night and I don't want to kill my partner."  

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6. "I shall marry the day there is a foolproof 'he is not a serial killer' test."

6 still single

7. "I am compensating for all the underage marriages that have taken place in this country."

8. On a serious note, "I shall find a permanent partner when same-sex marriage becomes lawful in India and every citizen gets the legal right to love and marry whoever they want".

8 still single

9. "Why not? Any man who wants me and a marriage with me is worth the wait. I don’t want to  settle for someone who just wants a bride and a wedding."

10. "I am single because the ones who make me tingle [with excitement] might not be available to mingle. Peace out."

10 still single

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