10 Things Guys Appreciate More Than “I Love You!”

10 Things Guys Appreciate More Than “I Love You!”
So you already know the “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” story, right? That’s probably why you wouldn’t mind him showering you with “I love you” all day long - but he might! Truth is, he probably won’t remember to say it all that often. Men are different. And while they do love you whispering sweet nothings to them, there are things that they appreciate even more!

1. Buy some new, sexy lingerie

Pick something you feel confident in and what makes you feel sexy, not self-conscious! Now watch the bedroom game change.

 things men appreciate

2. Give him his “me” time

Women are always the ones who talk about wanting some time for themselves. Well, men love it too. Let him go out for a movie alone or with his friends. Let him call over his friends while you make a trip to the spa. Give him the remote while you catch up on a book.

3. Don’t get involved in his “family” matters until he asks you

Yes, you are his family, but sometimes, some things are way too personal for some men. Remember there are emotions from before, from a time when you weren’t in his life. Let him handle the situation and only offer help when you are sure you won’t offend - it’s a good idea to wait until you’re asked.

 things men appreciate

4. Offer him a nice head and shoulder massage!

The toll our daily lives take on our body is unfathomable… But then what’s amazing is the age-old champi malish to release all the stress and lead to a good night’s sleep!

5. Gift him a men’s magazine subscription

Men don’t say it, but they too love to read magazines and drool over luxury goods (and probably that hot model on the cover). So help him indulge a bit!

 things men appreciate

6. Appreciate him

Our rushed lives leave little time to really notice each other and the small things we do for one another. Do it and let him feel valued. It could be his new aftershave or the effects of his new workout - notice it! Compliments, praises, hugs, warm touches… Let him feel the love.


7. Listen

Let him know that he can confide in you without being judged or criticized. This will help build trust and commitment for a long, long time.

 things men appreciate

8. Take care of yourself

Now you don’t have to dress like a diva all the time, but pay attention to your body and let your confidence levels soar. The fact that you care about yourself is something that will enhance his appreciation of you too!

9. Remember that respect is important

You may be the best of buddies, but you do need to remember that while open communication and honesty is great, framing comments in a way that seem dismissive or disrespectful is bound to cause hurt and negativity. Whether you’re alone or in a group. Remember that love and respect go hand in hand.

 things men appreciate

10. Be flexible

Never hold grudges or keep score. Live a life that is exciting yet simple, not dull and full of complications!

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