#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Like To Do *Without* Their Girlfriends!

#HeSays: 7 Things Guys Like To Do *Without* Their Girlfriends!
We love our girlfriends - and we genuinely love doing things and spending time with them. I mean, why else would we be together, right? But having said that, there definitely are some things that we prefer doing without them, at least sometimes. They’re completely harmless, trust us. Here are a few of those things...

1. Play an uninterrupted game on our PlayStation!

Sometimes, playing a friendly match with our girlfriends can be fun - but mostly, we are seriously competitive about the games we play on our PlayStation or Xbox. We want to win! And having our girlfriends around can be pretty distracting.

2. Go out to watch a cricket/ football match with our guys

Watching a game and just yelling our guts out, out of excitement or frustration, is somehow just more fun with the guys. Maybe because they understand and can empathise with the exact emotion that we’re feeling. Or maybe because we’re supporting rival teams and get to rub it in each other’s faces when one loses! And yes, we can get slightly rowdy at times.

Things guys like doing alone

3. Watch our favourite TV show in the calm and quiet of our room

This is true for everyone, isn’t it? When you’re watching a show you love, you just want to watch it in complete silence and absorb every little thing that is happening. Having someone talk in between or ask questions if they don’t also follow the show can make a person slightly impatient. It isn’t especially targeted to our girlfriends, honestly - we’d just rather not have anyone disturb us!

4. Catch up with our best friend!

Yes, having you bond with our friends is awesome - but sometimes, just catching up with our best friend all by ourselves is awesome too. There are so many things to talk about, and even though we may be completely comfortable saying stuff in front of our girls, our friend may not be!

Things guys like doing alone

5. Groom ourselves!

No matter how comfortable you get with us, you’d still like to get your waxing, threading and all other grooming stuff that you get done in your own private space and time, right? Same here. We might not have as many things to do, but even shaving or gelling our hair or getting the occasional pedicure counts as grooming!

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6. Gossip about exes with our friends…

You might not really approve of this, but come on, it's not like you don’t talk about and even stalk your exes with your friends. We know you do! So there’s really no harm if we talk/ gossip a little about our exes every once in a while. Right? Also, we don’t really like you knowing that we gossip too! :D

Things guys like doing alone

7. Every once in a while, have a completely crazy night with just our friends

Again, it’s not that going out with our girlfriends is not awesome. It is! And yes, we have a lot of fun with them. But letting loose with our friends is different in its own way - and equally important for us too.

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