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8 Things (Most) Girls Do - But Really Should Stop!

8 Things (Most) Girls Do - But Really Should Stop!
As much as we would like to think of ourselves as flawless creatures, deep down we know we tend to do some pretty silly things. Not only are these things a waste of time, but they are detrimental to our own growth and well-being. Not that we need to announce our flaws to the world, but we sure can work on this for a happier version of ourselves – right sisters?

1. Jumping to conclusions

Trust us to get hyper and jump to the worst possible conclusion at the drop of a hat! If only we figured out how to cut this out, we’d save so much time (and stress) in life! things girls should stop doing

2. Have a pity party

When something doesn’t go our way, we tend to wallow in self pity. While it’s okay to feel bad - we are only human at the end of the day – it’s not okay to take this too far. By that we mean hours and days and weeks just moping around and doing nothing productive about our situation.

3. Wasting time on jealousy

This is one of those things that I hate to admit (even to myself) but the green eyed monster does get the best of us sometimes. We girls have a tendency to compare ourselves to other girls, and when this comparison doesn’t bode well for us, we get super jealous. We know it’s a waste of time, and we still do it – that’s got to be the most ridiculous part. things girls should stop doing

4. Obsessing over our own flaws

It’s crazy how easily we overlook all the things that we have been blessed with and choose to focus on all our flaws instead. Flabby arms, acne scars, and crooked teeth – these are just insignificant things if we would only look at the larger picture. We are beautiful in all our glory – if only we’d take the time to see it that way.
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5. Judging other girls

Repeat after me: thou shalt not judge another girl without knowing anything about her. How flippantly we make assumptions about other people and how quickly we judge them. We tend to do this a lot with physical appearances and sartorial choices - if we’d just chill out a bit, it may actually help restore some much needed ‘Girl Love’ in this world. things girls should stop doing

6. Gossiping

The aforementioned judgement doesn’t just stop in our heads. We say some of these nasty things out loud to our friends. Some of which we aren’t even sure of. But that’s hardly the point, for even if we heard something we are sure of, it’s almost always wiser to keep it to ourselves. We wouldn’t want others to talk about us, right?!

7. Playing Mind Games

In relationships especially, we girls tend to be the more complicated creatures. We can be moody and broody, and don’t always say what’s on our minds. If we focused more on keeping it simple, we would actually be working towards our well deserved happily-ever-afters. things girls should stop doing

8. Getting way too influenced by social media

When will we learn that everything is not always as it seems on social media?! All those hours of facebook stalking and instagramming have skewed our perception of the world around us. Let’s vow to stop questioning our own choices based on the ones our peers make on social media. Besides, sometimes the grass only looks greener on the other side - because it’s fake!
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