The First Time My Boyfriend And I Tried Using... Handcuffs!

The First Time My Boyfriend And I Tried Using... Handcuffs!

To celebrate our three-year anniversary, my boyfriend and I decided to try something “interesting” in bed. That is, we decided to use handcuffs! It’s not like either of us had any specific BDSM fantasies - it’s just that it sounded like it would be pretty cool. We’d used scarves and ties and stuff earlier, and that sense of being “restrained” had always made things feel a little extra sexy. So we decided to take things up a notch or two by actually going ahead and getting the real deal to try.

Our first challenge was getting hold of the handcuffs, of course. We thought about ordering online, but then we decided against it. Didn’t want either of our families accepting the package and accidentally opening it and then having a heart attack. Besides, everything we saw online seemed to be lined with pink fur and stuff - and while we were open to trying something new and exciting, we didn’t want to try something that looked so absurd. Finally, we drove around town, scratching our heads, and then eventually managed to procure a surprisingly sturdy-looking pair from Palika Bazar. It was also a lot cheaper than what we’d seen online, so we considered it a win.

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On D-Day, the boy and I met up together at his place. His parents were out of town, so it was all quite perfect. We made out, drank some wine, and then out came the cuffs. I’d also invested in a sexy babydoll for the occasion, so we were both quite in the mood. We’d had a tiny little fight earlier over who would be the one wearing the cuffs and eventually decided that we’d both wear the cuffs and take turns at playing “prisoner”. We flipped a coin for whose turn it was first - it was mine. I didn’t mind, though, since I knew that soon I would have him locked down and at my mercy! ;-)

using handcuffs in bed

He slipped the cuffs around my wrists, after looping it around one of the rods of the wrought-frame of the bedstead. I have to say I was super excited - I was literally tied to the bed, with the man I loved about to do incredibly naughty things to me… The thought alone was hot enough to have me more turned on than I’d ever been before! And then, of course, he went into full-scale attack mode. Given the fantastic things he was doing to my body, I was practically gasping and ready to scream with pleasure. And when he got inside me, it was just...heaven. I did actually scream.

As we recovered from our post-orgasm state of collapse, I asked him to undo the cuffs. My arms had been awkwardly positioned for a good half an hour now, and they’d begun to ache a bit. He reached for the cuffs and put the key into the keyhole, and that’s when we realized what disaster had struck. The bloody key would not turn!

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We tried. Rather, he tried. For a good 15 minutes. To absolutely no avail. I was ready to scream again - with frustration this time. And there was no equipment in his house with which he could get the cuffs off. And obviously we could not call a locksmith! I was naked, FFS. There was just NO way that I was going to let some random stranger see me like this, even if it meant I had to stay cuffed to the bed for the rest of my life!

Eventually, after a rather loud argument about whose responsibility it should have been to test the cuffs before actually using them (I still hold that it should have been his), he called a friend of his who had a bolt cutter. After what seemed like an agonizingly long time - and I truly was in agony by now, since I could barely feel my arms any longer - the friend arrived. After laughing at me hiding under the duvet for a good five minutes, he cut the cuffs off me. The first two minutes of my freedom made me see stars - no, not of pleasure. The pain of blood suddenly flowing back into my arms and my stiff muscles finally relaxing made me actually cry. I got dressed while the boy thanked his friend for playing saviour with a beer. And then it turned into this complete laugh-fest because, seriously, was there ANY other way to respond to the whole situation? It was just so...ridiculous!!!

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Anyway, one promise I made to myself that day - something that I still live by, even though some five years have passed and the boy and I have been married for four of those and are planning our first baby now - I am never, ever, EVER going to buy anything from Palika again!

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