5 Love Lessons I Learnt From Dating The Not-So-Perfect Guy

5 Love Lessons I Learnt From Dating The Not-So-Perfect Guy
The idea of Mr. Perfect - The one who does everything right, says exactly what needs to be said, supports you every step of the way and never stops loving you for even a second. Well, I haven't met Mr. Perfect yet. But I did meet a Not-So-Perfect guy who taught me a couple of things. Here are a few of those lessons.

Lesson 1

I didn't think I was the best or anything, but I did start thinking that if I found the perfect guy, I would obviously be the perfect girlfriend. But meeting a guy who was comfortable with being flawed, yet working on being better - but also accepting that he can't be perfect? That opened my eyes and made me realize that I'm also only human and am bound to make mistakes. I am, obviously, nowhere close to perfect. And that’s alright!

1 lessons the imperfect guy taught me

Lesson 2

Having a plan is a good thing. But expecting everything to happen according to that plan? A complete waste of time. Life will always end up throwing me curveballs - and I'll find myself wanting to do things I never thought I would and liking people I never thought I could. And that's okay. That's what adds some spark to my life, keeps things unpredictable and me on my toes.

2 lessons the imperfect guy taught me

Lesson 3

Before falling in love, love seems like an absolute. Once I started dating the Not-So-Perfect guy though, I realized love can never be black or white. Or red, for you romantics. It's a different shade every moment because every second, it's actually making you grow and therefore, experience things differently. Everyday is a new emotional roller coaster. And it might not always be fun, but it sure is worth it.

3 lessons the imperfect guy taught me

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Lesson 4

Love isn't a switch. It is not either on or off. You can love someone, yet not like them sometimes. You can be so mad but still not be able to imagine a day without them. It's true what they say about there being a very thin line between love and hate. I learnt that while I was screaming myself hoarse at my boyfriend, and trying to understand where he's coming from at the same time.

4 lessons the imperfect guy taught me

Lesson 5

Most importantly, he taught me that "Perfect" isn't what I need to be looking for. The "Perfect" guy won't make life or a relationship work. But the "Right" guy would. He won't be flawless, he'll make mistakes just like I will. But he'll be open to discussing things and changes. He'll be right for me. And I'll be right for him. And that's just everything one can wish for!

5 lessons the imperfect guy taught me

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