10 Fashion Struggles ONLY A Short Girl Can Understand!

10 Fashion Struggles ONLY A Short Girl Can Understand!
Being short can be pretty awesome, you know. You never have to worry about cramped leg space and you can easily graze your way through a crowded room. And everyone knows all good things come in small packages! ;) However, too much of a good thing can be tricky sometimes - especially when it comes to short girls and fashion. Here are 10 fashion struggles all the shorties in the house know to be true!

1. Pants always come for an extra price

Because, alterations! Yup, you can never really buy a pair of pants and wear them without visiting your tailor first. You’re pretty sure more than half of your tailor’s earnings come directly from your pocket! I mean, who are they making these giant sizes for?!struggles all short girls will get

2. And also, maxi dresses!

Let’s be honest - maxi fittings in the trial room make you look like Morticia Addams. And nope, that length just doesn’t work in real life!

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3. Midi skirts? Don’t even talk about it

Why? Because midi skirts are the maxis for you! Not the nice flowy maxis though, mind you! They’re the ones that end at that awkward length which only Mary Poppins could have carried off. The answer? Yes, your tailor! :p

struggles all short girls will get

4. Cool oversized tees...Not so cool!

The super trendy oversized tees and sweaters and lampshading trend that’s on? Not your cup of tea! Oversized tees look like dresses on you...Or they make you look like a small boy. NOT cool!

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5. Capris. LOL!

They’re funny. AND confusing. Enough said!

struggles all short girls will get

6. And the same goes for jumpsuits!

They never fit. You don’t understand where the waistline is supposed to sit or where the hem is supposed to cut - nope, your brain really doesn’t need that kind of stress in life.

7. You’re constantly contemplating if you should shop in the kids section

Ever so often, you sneak into the kids section to see if you can find something. And when you do find something, your boobs get in the way. Not happening!

struggles all short girls will get

8. You just can’t get through a fancy event wearing flats

Either you look like a kid in front of everyone else or you don’t look fancy enough. And if it’s an event where people are constantly standing in groups and chatting? Not your favourite place to be. Calm down and sit, people!

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9. Finding the perfect pair of shoes is a full fledged mission

When you find really pretty shoes, they’re NEVER available in your size. Like, seriously! All the shoes in your size seem to mysteriously disappear into some black hole. #Fact

struggles all short girls will get

10. Big bags cover you up

Thinking of buying a big bag with more than enough space to accommodate your entire life? Don’t! Carrying big bags will hide your ENTIRE frame. But hey! It also works like the perfect shield for those emo days when all you want to do is disappear and hide! Still winning!

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