10 Beautiful Brides To Inspire Your Kanjivaram Style!

10 Beautiful Brides To Inspire Your Kanjivaram Style!
At POPxo Wedding, we are fans of all things bridal. Our latest crush is on kanjeevaram sarees. This handcrafted nine yards of silk looks so elegant on any bride. And the vibrant colours make us drool! These girls and their kanjeevaram bridal silk saree styles are giving us all kinds of inspiration. There should be one, at least, in your wardrobe!

1. The traditional red

kanjeevaram bridal silk saree styles 1

Yes, almost every bride wears red on her wedding day. And why not when it looks this pretty and regal. We love the simplicity of this look and how the heavy, green-flecked jewellery adds the right amount of contrasting colour. Plus, check out the bold, red lip colour!

Image: The Con Artists on Instagram

2. Violet symphony

kanjeevaram bridal silk saree styles 2

Didn’t we say we love colour? This bold violet kanjivaram is so different! The gold of the jewellery goes so well with the gold in the saree!  This is one of those kanjivaram silk saree images that is giving us major bridal goals.

Image:Wedding Sutra on Instagram

3. Orange you gonna join us?

kanjeevaram bridal silk saree styles 3

When you want to stand out, why not experiment with kanjivaram saree blouse designs. Go with a contrasting blouse like our bride here? The sleeves match the saree but she chose a contrasting purple - with heavy embroidery - for the body of the blouse. No matchy-matchy here! Also, how much fun is this photo?

Image:The Con Artists On Instagram

4. Rani pink FTW!

kanjeevaram bridal silk saree styles 4

Another traditional bridal colour and another beautiful bride! The coloured gemstones and pearl jewellery is such a refreshing change - it totally adds new colours to the look. And how can we forget the kaasumalai!

Image: Papreeka Tales on Instagram

5. Rang de tu mohe gerua

kanjeevaram bridal silk saree styles 5

I know, the wrong language, but isn’t it appropriate? Let’s count the colours in this one saree - orange, gold, yellow, pink and green on the sleeves! This is another one of those kanjivaram saree images that we love.

Image: Coffeestains.in on Instagram

Banner Teal

6. Marooned in love

kanjeevaram bridal silk saree styles 6

This saree kind of proves why everyone is crazy after kanjivaram sarees. It is ornate. From the intricate gold and maroon weave on the pallu and the borders to the subtler self-design on the rest of the saree - we love every bit of this. And how can we not drool over the beautiful hair jewellery and matching maroon and sandalwood flowers!

Image: Coffestains.in on Instagram

7. Simply beautiful

kanjeevaram bridal silk saree styles 7

When you want to go minimalist, this is the way to do it! Forgoing the traditional heavy gold jewellery and bridal bun, this bride’s open hairdo is a refreshing change!

Image: The Crimson Bride on Instagram

8. One man, one hue

kanjeevaram bridal silk saree styles 8

If you want to go monochrome, this is how to do it - down to the jewellery and bangles!

Image: Pooja Pradeep on Instagram

9. Go green!

kanjeevaram bridal silk saree styles 9

And how! This photo is a splash of colour! It’s a refreshing change from the usual pinks and reds. And how much do you covet the stunning jewellery?! 

Image: Lumiere Wedding Company on Instagram

10. North meets south

kanjeevatram bridal silk saree styles10

Brides don’t usually cover their heads down south, but we love how this girl bridges the North-South divide! Not just that, the kundan and pearl jewellery is also a nod to northern traditions.

Image: Soulmate Weddings on Instagram

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