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Dear Desi Girl, You’ll LOVE This Instagram Account!

It's a known fact that we love to follow our favorite celebrities on Instagram. Then come our best friends - yes, they're second on the list! But here's an account that has seriously brought some spark into our news feeds. Posting totally desi things and in the funniest way possible, Maria Qamar (the artist behind HateCopy) has certainly jumped up the list and reached the top of our absolute favorite accounts on Instagram. Here's why!

1. A girl's gotta have priorities after all.

And samosas just happen to be ours too! ;)

best desi account on instagram 2

Image: hatecopy on Instagram

2. Turn On Notifications...

Because that's the true test of devotion, isn’t it?

best desi account on instagram 1

Image: hatecopy on Instagram

3. This poem is the only thing poetic about this situation.

Indian parents, I tell you.

best desi account on instagram 5

Image: hatecopy on Instagram

4. Because many of our parents just don't get what we do! *sigh*

(Yes, mom, looking at you)

best desi account on instagram 4

Image: hatecopy on Instagram

5. Literally every vacation ever. #StoryOfMyLife

And also when we online shop from international website.

best desi account on instagram 6

Image: hatecopy on Instagram

6. Do NOT worry...

This is a totally legit reason to break up with a guy.

best desi account on instagram 3

Image: hatecopy on Instagram

7. Because you aren't a desi girl if…

You don't drink adrak wali chai twice a day.

best desi account on instagram 7

Image: hatecopy on Instagram

8. Desi girls don't accept defeat!

And when they do it's only after coconut oil also didn't work.

best desi account on instagram 8

Image: hatecopy on Instagram

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Published on Apr 21, 2016
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