The Real Reason Some Guys Like Spanking So Much

The Real Reason Some Guys Like Spanking So Much
Well, ladies, you might have heard this, or maybe experienced it yourself: some guys like to spank. If you’ve ever wondered why this is such a widespread kink, here’s us trying to explain…

First of all, there’s the “power” aspect to it. Even for guys who aren’t into BDSM, there’s something positively intoxicating about knowing that a girl would allow them to play a dominant role in the bedroom that way. Which is also why some guys like to be spanked too - because it can be just as exciting to let the girl you’re in bed with take control that way.

why guys like spanking

Then, of course, it’s the sheer thrill of it. Sex is still such a taboo thing in many ways...and anything that can make it seem even more so is something that excites people. You’ve heard the phrase “forbidden pleasures” - well, some pleasures are even more pleasurable because they are forbidden! And, you know, sometimes the naughty things you do to us make us want to, um, be a bit “strict” with you. ;-)

Besides, you know what they say about pleasure and pain being very closely connected to each other - not that we’d actually want to cause real pain to a girl! But an unexpected sensation in the middle of pleasure can actually enhance it sometimes. It’s one of the reasons why people - both guys and girls - like to, er, bite various parts of each other even while they’re making out. :P

And last, but not the least: your butt looks great. Touching it is amazing. And the way your butt tends to move when we spank it lightly is just about fantastic. *Blush*

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