9 Things To Definitely Avoid During Sex!

9 Things To Definitely Avoid During Sex!
There are certain things that, sometimes, we might think are okay - but in reality, they are best avoided! It's no different when it comes to sex. Here are a few things you should definitely try and avoid during sex!

1. Agreeing To Do Something You’re Totally Uncomfortable With…

If the idea of experimenting with something new and completely different in bed makes you uncomfortable - there’s no point doing it. You may end up enjoying it eventually, when you’re ready - but give yourself time to be okay with something mentally before agreeing to do it. It won’t be pleasurable for you or your partner if the very idea of something you decide to do makes you uncomfortable.

2. Giving Your Partner False Expectations About When You’re Going To Climax

Telling your partner you’re close when you’re really not is as good as faking it! Don’t give the poor guy false expectations. Be honest about whether or not you’re close or are going to have an orgasm, so that he can pace himself accordingly as well! It will be better for the both of you.

Avoid during sex

3. Paying Attention Only To His Genitals!

There are other parts of his body that are very sensitive to touch too. Back, inner thighs, chest, neck - are a few highly erogenous zones for men as well as women. So don’t go ignoring these!

4. Answering A Phone Call…

We get it, you could actually get a rather urgent phone call which you cannot avoid answering. But, if it is not absolutely urgent - just put it on silent! Seriously, there has got to be a better time to pick up and start chit-chatting with your bestie!

Avoid during sex

5. Not Making Any Sound At All

Everyone likes to feel that their partner is having a good time while having sex - and the sounds you make, whether loud or soft, are just a way of assuring your partner that you are! So while you don’t need to be so loud that your neighbours can hear you (if you don’t want), being completely silent can also sometimes be a bummer.

6. Focusing Only On How To Reach An Orgasm

If you’re going to focus so hard on reaching the big O, how are you going to actually enjoy the act itself? Be present in the moment and don’t stress about having an orgasm. You’ll have much more fun, and will be more likely to climax if you try and enjoy every moment!

Avoid during sex

7. Talking Too Much!

Now we all know that talking dirty in bed can be a huge turn on for some. But what of talking incessantly while having sex and just not keeping quiet even for a minute?! Ladies, we all enjoy our minute or two of silence during or after sex - to really just feel what we’re feeling! Trying to have an actual conversation during the act can be a tad bit distracting, don’t you think?

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8. Picking A Fight… Because You Just Randomly Remembered Something!

Really not the best time to do that, is it? Whatever it is that you remembered, ladies, hold it in until you’re done having sex. Not worth tainting the act for yourself and your partner just because you couldn’t wait a few minutes longer!

Avoid during sex

9. Thinking That Sex Should Look Like Porn!

You might only be trying to fulfil a fantasy of your partner’s, but real life sex is far from what porn looks like. And believe it or not, that’s probably a good thing! Real life sex may not be as perfectly planned and well thought out as the kind of sex you see in porn movies - but believe us, just going with the flow and letting the act be organic rather than planned is what makes it special in the first place. So let go of the picture you have in your head, and just enjoy yourself!

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