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Soft, Smooth Skin In *Just* 5 Weeks... Here's How I Did It!

Soft, Smooth Skin In *Just* 5 Weeks... Here's How I Did It!
This is the story about how I learned to feel confident in my own skin! As a child, I had great skin… soft, smooth, and blessed with a healthy glow. Growing up - my skincare routine was simple (and enforced by Mommy dearest) - just sunscreen, and I was sorted! However, sometime in my mid-twenties, things started to change. After years of relative neglect, my upper back and shoulders had heavy pigmentation and my elbows and knees were rough and leathery. I tried a host of DIY remedies to no avail, and eventually gave up on wearing sleeveless tees and halter blouses! I lacked the discipline to stick to any kind of beauty routine. Sometime last year, I discovered running and exercise. Much to my delight, I lost over nine kilos in a year. While I was loving my new svelte frame - my skin woes now included stretch marks and I was super conscious about accidentally flashing my tummy to anyone. So when Jan 2016 came around - my New Year resolution was simple - work on nourishing and pampering my skin, boosting my confidence, and establish a bodycare routine! 1. smooth skin (after intro)

Week 1 - The Non-Believer

I picked up a large bottle of Dove’s Essential Nourishment Body Lotion. I chose this product because of its unique DeepCare Complex with skin natural nutrients. Also, my Mom swore by this product. I would slap it on literally every inch of my body (barring my face and neck) and go about my day. I would repeat the little ritual in the evenings and realised that the whole process was the most relaxing part of my day!

Week 2 - Tempted To Touch!

First thing straight off the bat - I couldn’t resist running my hand across my now velvety-smooth skin! Second, I started to notice that the skin on my elbows and knees were significantly softer and felt more moisturised. If only it were warm enough to wear a sleeveless tee! For the first time in a long time, I was feeling good! 2. smooth skin

Week 3 - Wonder Of Wonders!

Those red stretch marks across my belly and back - they were starting to get lighter. They were still there, but fainter than before! Additionally, the pigmentation on my back started lightening too! This was a huge, huge relief, and frankly, I never thought that simple body lotion could prove to be so useful!

Week 4 - Smell Like A Dream

This week, I noticed that the lotion had become my signature smell. It was sweet, subtle, and it merged seamlessly with the natural fragrance of my skin! And better yet, I learned that if I match the undertones of my perfume with my lotion - I can develop my own unique scent! Winning!

Week 5 - Habituated, For Good!

By this week, body lotion twice a day was a habit that I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) break! My skin was soft, stretch marks were lighter, and the skin on my body finally, FINALLY, matched the quality and texture of the skin on my face. While five weeks is a very short time to undo years of self-inflicted damage, I am heartened to see the progress thus far. It’s amazing how a simple routine using a good product can yield such awesome results. The time I spend massaging my skin with lotion is as rewarding as it is meditative - and something I suggest all girls really ought to do! So if you’re reading this, go on, take a few minutes out of your busy day and pamper yourself. Sometimes, the biggest of our beauty woes have the simplest solutions. In my case, all I needed was me-time, discipline, and Dove! * This is a sponsored post for Dove