#HeSays: 11 Sex Positions EVERY Guy Wants To Try!

#HeSays: 11 Sex Positions EVERY Guy Wants To Try!
Yeah, we guys have our fantasies. But not every fantasy is a wild one involving other people or objects. There’s plenty of stuff that we want to do with you in the bedroom (and around it) that are pretty easy to execute - and are loads of fun too! So here’s a little list of sex positions guys want to try - and we’re pretty sure you ladies won’t mind trying them either! ;-)

1. Sixty-nine, of course!

Ladies, never underestimate the power of the classic 69. You going down on us is great, us going down on you is great - but both of us doing it to each other at the same time? Hell, yeah!

2. Missionary, with minor modifications!

Maybe with a pillow underneath you, to raise you up a bit, while we’re kneeling. The angle is hella lot sexy, we swear!

sex positions guys want to try 2

3. You on top...

We shouldn’t even have to say this. You probably know how much we love this already. Less strain on our arms and legs, and we have the most amazing view in the world when we look up at you.

4. And the reverse cowgirl

Yes, ladies, sometimes we want to do it with you on top but facing away from us. We love your backside as much as we love your boobs, after all!

5. Sideways!

It’s like we’re doing it the regular way, except we’re both on our sides. Instead of you (or our arms) having to bear all the weight. It definitely helps us last longer! :P

6. From the back

To call it “doggie style” is to actually not do sufficient justice to all the fun and interesting things we can do to you.

sex positions guys want to try 6

7. Sitting up

It’s really, really great to have you lip to lip, skin to skin against us while we’re doing it. And it’s a different angle that forces us to move slower, making for a super-intense experience.

8. And standing up!

There’s a completely new level of excitement to having your legs wrapped around us as we stand together…

9. Against a wall

Just the same as the last one we mentioned - except it’s even better because we have something to lean against and can focus more on pleasuring you, without worrying about balance.

10. On a table…

You on the table, us standing up - the height differential is just right for us to get really experimental and adventurous!

sex positions guys want to try 10

11. And on a chair too

Ladies, admit it - riding us, with armrests for support, ain’t such a bad thing, is it? ;-)

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