#BeautyDiaries: How I Chose To Give My Hair a Makeover with an Exciting Hair Colour | POPxo

#BeautyDiaries: How I Chose To Give My Hair a Makeover with an Exciting Hair Colour

#BeautyDiaries: How I Chose To Give My Hair a Makeover with an Exciting Hair Colour
I can't remember not having long hair. Even as a child, I’d spend more time braiding my hair, half asleep just after dawn, than I did dressing for breakfast. My thick, black, wavy hair was something I didn't particularly notice.

With puberty came the awareness to look better, dress more stylishly and pay more attention to this thick curtain of hair that I’d been blessed with. Off I trotted to the lovely lady who owned a neighbourhood parlour and trustingly sat in her chair for a hair makeover. It would be safe to say she transformed my hair. She styled it in what we called “steps” in the good ol’ days and suddenly my hair was this gorgeous bouncy mane, my newfound pride and joy! The years have passed, and a few decades too, and now steps get called “layers” and a fringe gets called “bangs”...but I’ve always stuck with the same haircut. My hair needs a zillion layers to look amazing, and I know never to try anything different. (One particularly PMS-y day I did chop it all off, but that’s a phase I’d much rather forget!)

There’s a problem here, though. For the last 23 years, my hair has looked the same. Great, yes. But still the same. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love when people ask me if my hair has been blow dried, if my curls are natural and what products I use. But with time, boredom sets in. I want something new. I want my hair to look different. I want to look different. Yes, my hair needs a makeover yet again!

Since the texture of my hair won’t allow me to play with length or style, the only option I have really is to go for a hair colour for women. And with thick, long hair, you’ve got to be really careful with what you do, chemical damage takes years to undo.

So here’s my solution! It’s been so much fun, and exactly what I needed! I decided to get a funky bright ombre panel, a hair colour that suits girls really well.

experiment with colour

Five hours in a salon chair, 3 cappuccinos later, and pocket significantly lighter, I walk out with a new pep in my step! Yes, bleaching my hair almost white was painful to watch (they need to do it before applying such a bright colour), but it’s only one thick band so I’m not worried about affecting the overall health of my tresses. The good thing now is that while the blue-purple ombré hair colour gradually fades, the zesty girl in me is already thinking of what new colour combination to try out next! Suggestions, anyone??

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