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7 Ways To Keep Your Skin Happy No Matter What Weather It Is!

7 Ways To Keep Your Skin Happy No Matter What Weather It Is!
No matter what your individual skin type is - it is essential to look after your body when winter melts into summer. Cold weather is when your skin needs the maximum amount of TLC, and unfortunately, it is also the one time of year we’re most likely to skimp on our skincare routine! Warm weather on the other hand is when your skin needs to breathe! How can one possibly get the hot/cold balance right? Lucky for you, we’ve taken help from the experts at Olay and come up with a list of ‘essentials’ that are universal in their effectiveness - no matter where you live, how low or high the temperatures go, or what your skin type is!

1. Aloe From The Other Side

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When it comes to year-round skincare - Aloe truly is a miracle plant! It is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E. Ayurvedic sciences encourage us to include this plant in our diet (and aloe juices can be quite yum)! For those with more fussy taste-buds, natural aloe pastes when applied to the skin are an excellent cure for dryness, redness, acne and eczema!

2. Scrub A Dub

As the summer creeps up on us, we pull out our sleeveless tops only to realise that we spent the entire winter ignoring our skin’s SOS calls! For effortless seasonal transition, it is crucial to ALWAYS keep up a weekly routine of exfoliating from head to toe. We suggest you fashion your own organic scrub using granulated sugar and organic coconut oil. Follow this up with a lukewarm bath and your skin will be smiling from within all year round!

3. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

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Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or a combination of both - moisturising is of vital importance. After gently cleansing your face each morning, use a moisuturiser infused with SPF, like the Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Day Cream. Come nighfall, favour the Olay Night Nourishing Repair Cream. And when you’re heading out, choose from Olay’s fab range of BB creams that work as a foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen!

4. While You Sleep

Before you hit the sack, it’s crucial to slap on the night nourishing repair cream. Another simple health hack that is sure to keep your skin, hair and sinuses happy is to invest in a humidifier. Leave this simple gadget on in one corner of your room as you sleep and you will wake up naturally moisturised - looking and feeling better than ever before. The dry winter skin is as harmful to your beauty as it is to your health, and the hot summer doesn’t do us any favours either! Lucky for us, the solution is just so simple.

5. Eat The Rainbow

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We aren’t talking about Gems or even a VIBGYOR layered cake. We’re talking vegetables. We don’t need to tell you WHY a healthy diet is so good for your health and beauty! Strive to eat at least five servings of fruits and veggies a day in a variety of hues and colours.

6. Shun Sun

Soon enough, the temperature will hit some 40 degrees and being outdoors will cease to be an option! But beware - there’s no escaping the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays! Apart from sunscreen (which is a MUST), invest in some protective hats and sunglasses that’ll protect you from direct sunlight!

7. Sweat It Out!

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No matter what the weather is like, we know that waking up early to exercise is a real task! Making time for an evening run can be an even bigger challenge! But guess what - exercise and the endorphins it releases can keep your skin glowing through all seasons! So set multiple alarms if you have to and just MOVE IT, MOVE IT!

*This is a sponsored post from Olay India