7 Adorable Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Long Distance Couple!

7 Adorable Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Long Distance Couple!
While distance does make the heart grow fonder, it can also get quite annoying - especially at special events like birthdays, festivals or Valentine's Day! These are times you really want to be together with your partner. Why not spruce up your long distance relationship and celebrate love while being apart? Here are some fantastic and romantic valentine’s day ideas for your long distance partner. Do one or do them all...you'll earn your brownie points for sure!

Valentine’s Day Idea 1. Get them out!

Check out the local event listing in your partner’s city on the Internet and buy tickets to a concert or a stand-up show or just about any event that he would love to go for! You and your thoughtfulness will be on his mind throughout.

Valentine’s Day Idea 2. Grooming bud

Make each other feel special by booking an appointment with the best hairstylist in town, for the both of you - and surprise each other at the end with your new looks! Or book a massage at a swish spa at preferably the same time. Keep each other updated by clicking selfies and sending them to each other.

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Valentine’s Day Idea 3. Write a love letter

The classic handwritten one - on note paper spritzed with your favourite perfume. Attach a photo of you. Very old school, but far more effective than its e-version!

Valentine’s Day Idea 4. Definitely send flowers and chocolates

Because no Valentine's Day is complete without it. Period.

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Valentine’s Day Idea 5. Private dinner for two?

If you were in the same city, chances are you would’ve dressed up and gone to a chic restaurant for a romantic dinner. You can still do the same, but at home! Order a nice meal from your favourite eatery, get dressed in your best and spend some romantic time together even in a long distance relationship, on Facetime or on Skype, as you dine. A special e-striptease post dinner? Why not?!

Valentine’s Day Idea 6. Read on...

Read a passage from your partner's favourite book or story, record it, and send it as an attachment for him to listen. There is something so romantic about going to bed hearing your love's voice, especially on Valentine's night.

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Valentine’s Day Idea 7. Half and half - his and yours!

There are plenty of mugs, pillows, t-shirts and pendants that are made for him and her. Send one of those as a constant reminder of where the other half of your heart really is! This reminds you both that you belong together, even if you are in a long distance relationship.

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